How do you listen these days?

Hi everyone, this is my first post. Its very cool to find a group of people creating and enjoying the same things as myself.

I was wondering how people are listening to music these days? Streaming/mp3/hard formats?

I spent the last year listening to mostly spotify premium but I realized recently that it was severely limiting the diversity of the music I was hearing. I also realized I’d rather give money straight(or more straight) to artists I like by buying their stuff on bandcamp and such. I dropped spotify today, and cued up a wishlist on bandcamp. I guess its back to organizing .mp3s haha.


Hey there.

I prefer being off the computer when I’m high/not working, - so I have an old-school hi-fi system with a vinyl turntable, CD player and an a cassette deck in our main living-room. There’s a big collection of music in there as well (on all three formats). Litterally thousands of records and CDs - organised alphaetically into main genres (classical music, jazz, electronic, rock etc.). I regularly add to the collection as well.

Mainstream pleb music - Spotify
Underground lo-fi dudes - Bandcamp
Out of print / neglected noise tapes - Soulseek

I had a pretty large cassette collection that I got rid of a few years ago. Even since I’ve turned my back on all things analog and just use digital means on either phones, laptops or tablets. It’s more zen for me

Good thread by the way and welcome!

Bandcamp/Soundcloud/HearThis (indy), Youtube and bought MP3s (mainstream).

First of all I strictly refuse to get involved with any music subscription service, one day nobody will own any music they purchase and that’s not a good situation to me, don’t pay your bill can’t listen to your music and of course they’ll also eventually decide what it is you can listen to, not good can’t believe the public are buying into this.

So I buy music from bandcamp, Amazon or anywhere else I can download an MP3 that I can store and keep myself, as for Flac files I don’t bother with them I think for the storage space they take up their not worth it, 320k MP3 I’m perfectly happy with, if you can hear the difference then you’ve got better hearing than me.

Listening to music is usually in my car with a USB key full of MP3s, at home it’s either on a tablet or iPhone with beyerdynamic DT770 headphones or in my studio via Focusrire Clarett 8 pre/Genelec 8030 monitors.

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Just for the record any MP3 album I buy, I routinely store a copy on my iMac, a copy on my Mac Pro and a copy on a external hardrive to ensure I lose nothing.

I have an old school hifi system myself with a turntable, cd player, and radio (and I can hook my pc up through a nice DAC too). I haven’t used that in about a year, unfortunately.

Most of my home listening is honestly on youtube while I render something or catch up around here. Most of the listening I get to do, however, is in the car on the way to/from work. I listen to our local Jazz and Classical stations because they don’t have commercials and it makes me a better musician.

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my trusty old ipod nano,and the radio.i feel the same way canecreek feels.
software subscriptions are bullshit as well.


step one: click pandora




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In total silence.

Apple Music via bluetooth on the way to work in muh car.

If I had more free time to relax, I’d like to listen to my records on my record player.

I envy you. Isn’t it also free if you don’t skip around too much?

No. It’s free with ads, regardless of skipping, but free accounts also have a skip limit per x amount of time.

However, I pay the 15 bucks a month for the family plan.
You can pack 5 additional accounts onto your account and everyone can have as much pandora as they want.

Regular premium (pay 10 bucks a month) has a limit of one device without ads per account at a time, so if you want to have music on your phone and still have music available back home, the premium isn’t good.

However, all paid accounts come with goodies.
Endless skipping, playlist making, play on demand any licensed song (not all artists license all their music to pandora for impulse play; might be licensed for radio/random play, but not on-demand…most do, though), and they just added podcasts not too long ago so you get that without ads as well.

The only thing I don’t like is the paid account phone app design sucks a lot for organization because, for whatever weird ass reason, unlike the free version, the paid version doesn’t have alphabetical sorting as an option…only most recent. Once you get a lot of stations made, this becomes a pain in the ass. I’m hoping they eventually fix it…it’s annoying.

Overall, though, I’ve had pandora since 2007 and I still love it. :smiley:
I have it on all of our phones, tablets, cable tv boxes, apple tv box, and computers.


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I buy thru Amazon or Bandcamp and keep stuff backed up on a few hard drives. Amazon stuff you buy can also stream with the app. I need to figure out a better app to stream all the Bandcamp or other random stuff (eg old stuff ive copied off CDs vinyl).


Interesting topic.

Nowadays i have my phone and my headphones (bose bluethooth) with me almost all the time, i can even listen to music sometimes while at work. I`m listening while riding my bike or sitting in the bus… etc.

Mostly i use streaming service (switched from spotify to tidal… and of course bandcamp)

  1. Tidal
    (Hifi … i thought i was hearing a difference to the compressed spotify sound… but maybe it`s only imagination)

  2. Bandcamp
    either a) listening on the go via bandcamp app … or b) downloading stuff i bought

  3. VOX
    for playing my own MP3 archive (and new stuff i bought on bandcamp) with Vox-Cloud … (thinking about cancelling this, because together with tidal hifi it is a bit too much money each month.

  4. Vinyl
    at home with Krk Rokit 6 and a cheap sub i bought used via ebay (same speakers i use for music production)
    I bought a “Pro-Ject Jukebox E” for that recently. Back in the days i had technics mk`s but i sold them and was not listening to vinyls for years.

from my smart phone through a cord that goes into the cassette deck of my 2004 Honda CRV, mostly

also CDs/CDRs, I have a six disc changer in that beast…fancy ass bitch up here in Ohio…


Nice. I have a 2005 Ford something or other I paid for straight with a check for $4000. It has a $1000 sound system lol. When I turn up the bass I’m pretty sure it damages it slowly but surely.


shitty cars with expensive sound systems totally remind me of high school…that was like the thing…


That and expensive girls with shitty tattoos.

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I couldn’t afford the car or the girl or a shitty tattoo : )