How do you listen these days?


Tramp stamps and tribal tattoos.


Also, I usually listen on a boombox at work. My car stereo, which new cars all seem to have good ones nower days. And my monitors at home, if at my computer or the sound bar if throughout the house.

As far as sources. Usually Spotify or YouTube. I’m slowly finding new stuff on Bandcamp, here and there but it is for IDMF Netlabel stuff mostly.

I do go to the occasional local show here and there but it’s when my bro is playing. Which they play punk stuffs.

Most of the time I’m evaluating the last time I worked on something and how much interest I have in the project to move forward or on from it. Think I’m at like 47 started projects since my computer build. And I only know that because I’m labeling them by # now.


tramp stamps are just a target ;p


ehhh…whats wrong with you kids these days? pull up your pants.
I listen with my ears! for christs sake…get off my lawn.


My main problem is that I’m lazy and impatient.



Three ways:

At home, Vinyl player in the sitting room.
Mostly classic Albums, jazz, and old electronic albums.

Also at home, but personally
Music from the internet, (youtube, record stores, Forums like these) On my ‘good’ listening set up (Onyx Interface, HD600’s).

On the move: iTunes with cheap, non bass boosting headphones.
Mostly folk music, newly discovered music, pop music, songs I might need to learn for a gig,
tracks I’m producing (to check mastering on limited playback devices).

So I guess Vinyl and Digital.