How do you Instagram?!


It is as easy as to steal music from bandcamp, soundcloud, any streaming services too because online downloaders exist (streaming quality but quality doesn’t often matter to some) so whetever. Who would do that, that’s a different topic. You can’t be sure why and when it happens but I feel in most cases that happens very rarely, if it does, you might never find out. Out of sight, out of mind. Don’t let this distract you. That’s just how internet works.


When music gets stolen or passed around, it usually has your artist name still attached to it which I wouldn’t exactly call stealing, as it’s more in line with people sharing it (obviously I love when people share my stuff, that’s a pretty big compliment if they care enough to do it). It’s a different story when your images get passed off as somebody else’s and reuploaded to their accounts, plus there’s no band name or anything on them to denote that they’re yours.

You can mass-download everything in high-quality formats from someone on IG without paying anything, too. At least on BC they best they’re going to get are 128k rips if they’re just passing through. IG just seems like the most vulnerable medium here


If nicki minaj and cardi b can maintain a popular following on ig with half naked photos…and being that I saw instructions on how to use its algorithm to market stuff…so yea…
Also self-affirming inspirational quotes.

Edit: also some of the Instagram memes that I’ve seen are really messed up…i.e saw one woke meme with thanos it basically was about ww2
With the atomic bomb being dropped on japan and japan getting retribution for the bomb by instilling an addiction in the population…it was too messed up even for me…that in conjunction with certain life experiences that I’ve had…that fucked up woke thanos meme doesnt seem so out there which kinda really scares me tbh…


Omuhellajikkenkade is where im at on there. Looking forward to seeing what you ended up posting :slight_smile:


The only time I ever used a web downloader on Bandcamp was this dude pressed a remix of a very popular classic rock song to like 25 acetate records and that was going to be it–no digital, no other way to get the song. I contacted the artist and offered to pay the dub plate price for even a lower quality MP3 because I really wanted to play it to a certain crowd. He said no and I was like fuck it…he isn’t paying royalties on the remix anyway (the song was nothing w/o original song) so I downloaded it that way, played it the one night and deleted the file after.

edit: I would have considered buying the dub plate, but it was from overseas and shipping cost listed was outrageous.


I have 0 followers on instagram. And i intend on keeping that way

What i want in my feed
Feminism hashtag
Masculinity hashtag
Fitness hashtag
Stoicism hashtag
Spirituality hashtag
Art hashtag

What i get

: |


I mean, kinda because you can comment on videos?


I use Instagram as just another tool for promotion of my music. It seems to be more active than Facebook these days…


I mostly post pics of my pets, new CDs I bought, concerts I wen to, bands I’ve met. but mainly I use it for private. I don’t really like posting stuff.


Lately been trying to post more. I just post glitch art and music stuff I’m working on, and talk in a few group chats.
It’s a great platform for networking, a lot of badass industry people actually try to reach out and have authentic connections with random people sometimes which is really cool.
Both my brother and I have noticed that here and there in the last few years.
Also a lot of my recent inquiries for commission work have been because someone was really into something I posted. It’s really great for networking, just try to make posts look as nice as you can

If ya wanna add me


I unfollowed a bunch of hashtags…

Now i just look at art and sports memes.

My reading is better than the vapidness of some instagram posts.


OK @StrayMedicine… I’m following you. I’ll check out your posts more closely as time goes by.

I use IG solely to promote 1roomstudio. I follow “kindred spirits” and people in the Music Business, such as Music Supervisors. It hasn’t brought any work my way… but then I don’t post much or spend a lot of time on IG. I also have some friends and family I follow because… you know…

I’ve learned some more efficient ways to keep up with it (barely) so that it’s not the huge time sink that can result if you just keep scrolling… and scrolling… and scrolling. For example… once I see three ads in a row… I put it away. :sunglasses: