How do you Instagram?!

Out on vacation, and been a little more active on the old Instagram. Thought I’d strike up a conversation with the community and see how we all use this service, or don’t :laughing:

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I use it. I post about 1 per week. I find it interesting and useful… if used judiciously.

I don’t use it, and i won’t use it, I don’t even care if it becomes the new tinder, I still won’t use it, can’t be arsed with most of social media anymore…


I think I might have been on it once or twice. I don’t really participate in social media, preferring more pointed discussions instead of “how are the kids doing and here’s a place I went”. I’m also not a very visually stimulated person, so pictures of anything aren’t usually interesting to me.

I’m curious though - I know instagram is huge. Is it a way that people market music beyond the normal “here’s me doing a thing” snapshots? Do you have to be someone already of note to generate any interest beyond your immediate circle of friends? Is it only about marketing the person, or are people creatively using it to get their music out there, and if so, how?

I think I remember @RFJ saying he did surprisingly well with some of his recorded jam sessions and proper tagging on instagram, but I could be wrong.

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There’s actually a really robust community of “bedroom” musicians who post really nice 60 second jams and clips of their music. Most have small format hardware setups that are obviously featured in their video clips. People comment, cross comment, ask questions and have small discussions around the featured content / gear. It’s a goal of mine to begin utilizing instagram in this way. I follow certain hashtags and it’s great to see a short high quality clip and get inspired.

Seemingly effective tags…

#Tascam (if using a tascam product)

So yeah, for me and my music, Instagram is the future.


I use to also be a big nay Sayer of using social media, but more recently have succumbed to the fun.

There seems to be a great number of artist who use it, both commercially established, and unknown successfully. Posting music, pictures, videos, and repost! Still haven’t figured out the reposting on those sites.

There’s times were I’ve really wanted to snap shots next to celebs, v/o artist and so on, but feel like it’s just reaching to get followers!

Silly to want more followers, but also feel the need to be so “underground” and throwing shade at the social media outlets, but hey that’s what the internet is now a days. Sheesh I’m getting old haha

I agree… I see lots of interesting things get interesting ideas from IG. It is also another source of discussion and interaction with “kindred spirits”

It is important to limit the time spent with it though… it’s like TV… dancing colored lights that never stop.

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I prefer a nice campfire… same dancing colored lights but it’s also warm, real, and allows the imagination to open. Watching a video screen is the only thing that is easier to do than think… I suppose that’s why it’s so popular.

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Been chatting with @RFJ about using Instagram for a music presence. I’m only vaguely aware that it is image based and for videos 60 seconds or less. I’ve not thought it over a whole lot, but trying to figure how to potentially make this useful as a DJ.

Subscribing, listening…watching…

instagram is a much more creative take on social media, since it revolves around pictures and videos as content (granted your posts aren’t all selfies).
i like to post videos of pov field recording. it gives my followers an idea of where my sounds come from. ^^
lately, i’ve been taking short videos of me preparing and practicing my live sets.
it’s a great way to give others a taste of what you’re doing, even though they may be thousands of miles (or kilometers) away.
ig tv has been especially popular, but i haven’t used it. anyone have experience with it?


im too old to follow the trends and most of social media…

first myspace…

then facebook…then politics and privacy issues…

then twitter…then politics and stupid comments…

and now instagram/snapchat/kik…not sure but probably be used to spam ads, collect data, be an outlet for the bad&good side of human behavior and could possibly wind up like its predecessors…

so personally i’mma sit this one out…if you wanna do it…its ok, no big deal…i won’t stop you, to each their own…


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I’m too old as well… but not dead yet. Never did MySpace or FaceBook or Twitter. (Hey … has anyone tried “MyFace?”)

Instagram seems useful and not overwhelmed by adds … yet.

It’s like any piece of equipment or software in your studio… the “off” switch is one of the best effects.

Instagram is the business. Whatever you’re into- music, comedy, titties, car crash fatalities, sports, etc

Up to you how you want to treat it. It’s especially nice because I’m not bombarded with political posts from a family member I’ve never met who also just learned how to make an email up. Even if you are, it’s really easy to make it disappear without being dramatic. Still, you might find it saturated with motivational memes or pictures of ugly dogs and people that just take dabs while listening to the worst rap ever. With a bit of finesse it can really be a great tool though. I’ve made quite a few friends there, and learned a lot about hobbies I’m into.

Don’t be an ‘old head’ :slight_smile:

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i mean, I’m on there only for the purpose of sometimes adding a little video snippet of my upcoming singles or songs… it’s an OK platform. exiled it for the main along with my FB months ago.

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Following :wink:

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I have a few simple rules on who I follow, in order of importance.
Do I like what they post
Will it help my goal (to compose and produce music and sound for video and film)
How frequently do they post (I hesitate to follow someone who posts more than once a week)
How many are they following (this one is tricky but the more they follow, the less likely my posts will matter)
How many follow them (I’m guessing that higher ratio of followers to followed indicates less Spammy)

I’m now following City at Worlds End

You can check out my account here:

Yeah definitely seems like a useful tool. Wether it be for starring at ta-ta’s, bootay, or seeing what a artist you enjoy is up to.

I’ve found that I aslo am enjoying the music, art, happenings of ‘tiredasshonkyho’ . Candice Bergen (Murphy brown).

Still try to figure out ways to daily post on it, but that thing called life doesn’t allow me the space to always think of getting on the gram! Lol

Can’t find the link to share my gram profile, but will follow those that have done so in this post.

not even with green eggs and ham