How do you Instagram?!


LMAO! Way way way back she was a hottie tho. Thanks for the proper belly laf


I thought the entire purpose of instagram was promotion and booty. XD

Actually, a surprisingly large amount of artists on there, sculptors, writers, pixel artists. Lot of good stuff… although these days instagram’s algorithm sucks so hard.


:v It’s all a marketing thing anyways for businesses to successfully cater to demographics through a new medium to specifically ensure a custom user experience based on one’s digital profile and make money by selling them the things they like…
the next thing is custom ads like in minority report where they scan your eyes and spam you telepathically with ads which is possible through your totallly necessary implanted microchip id,

Tl;Dr custom marketing based on profile made up of personal data collected by technology for profit profit profit…

Meh comes with the territory no big deal.

Also…I really don’t care about the amount of ta-tas or booty shots that are on there…if anything it’s just a testament to human behavior…also what’s that thing were they can digitally imprint someone’s face into a porn video…yea that, I’m not gonna go all ideological with pedantic theistic bullshit but I will say this, this shit is gonna have real life consequences so…be careful use it wisely…


My goal is to get famous enough to sell out and then sell out as quickly (and for as much) as possible. One day on this platform and it seems like the place to do it.


On a completely unrelated note, you can find my profile here:


@White_Noise noise go for it…and if it doesn’t work out just have a plan b :slight_smile:


It really is the future, And I believe it was you that mentioned that you can drop youtube links in the description in the event that a random jam turns into a recorded fiasco.


Really close to just deleting my page. I ended up unfollowing everyone on my list so I have no “feed” but I don’t even know what the purpose is any more other than being a hashtag bullshit promotional concept machine.

Hardly any personable interaction on instagram with any users anyways, I much prefer this place and reddit. Basically all I need.

Wish soundcloud would bring groups back…


Hearthis has groups, but also lots of mixes and podcasts and not so many songs for reasons unknown to me.


I checked it out not too long ago… Seems like a TON of mixes, maybe due to it’s (more) generous upload limit? I’m not sure, I looked around on there for about an hour and didn’t stumble upon anything ground breaking.

I should probably give it another shot though


It’s much, much better for me as an artist, but that would get into stuff that would take this too off-topic. I can detail that elsewhere, though really I should just wait because it shouldn’t be too long until someone comes in and makes a “soundcloud sucks wut now?” thread.


I deleted my personal Fb account and insta a few weeks back. I was doing well on em, but they can be v addictive, currently stuck on Twitter, I like it more, but there is hardly anyone I know who uses it. I’m in two minds of going back to insta.


Seems like twitter is almost more of a personal news platform, but I could see how it’s addicting. I currently am addicted to Reddit like crazy, I can spend days on there if I don’t watch myself.

Discipline is everything, but so hard these days with the way the internet and entertainment/information is provided to us


My issue with Twitter (the very little I’ve been on it) is that it doesn’t seem very focused - you follow a person because they do a thing you’re interested in and then they end up talking about their cat or vacation or a bunch of shit that doesn’t pertain to that thing you initially followed them for. The little bit I’ve seen of Instragram is similar, but maybe I just found the exceptions to the norm.

I like reddit because it functions a bit like a forum, but without all the clutter. At least the subs I frequent have pretty strict moderation about staying on topic, and it’s a great way to get regular information and conversation about things I’m into. Once I got rid of the votes and sorted by oldest, it makes for a pretty passable forum.

I suppose if you’re interested in the person as well as what they do, more traditional social networks are the place to be. For me, the signal to noise ratio is too high on things I’m interested in.


I run a silly sketch comedy clip show using stuffed animals and puppets. Had the “channel” since maybe mid 2017 I think, trying to steadily up the production value as I go. I was thinking about moving it over to youtube and upping the production value even more on it.

The Original Promotion Mega Thread

A Hot women=1 million instagram likes, then said hot women gets paid to sponsor some clothes or whatver by sharing the product to their followers, repeat this 100 times over and this person is the next Kendall jenner, some of social media gets your friends to sell you shit and work for a company unofficially for free


What I’ve noticed after posting some of music-related stuff on Instagram (you know: quick short movies with my music, some jamming on a synth, shots from Ableton sessions, etc.) is that what you get in return, is engagement from OTHER MUSICIANS. Why? Since they’re following content like this and hashtags like: #bedroomproducer, #electronicmusic, #musicproduction, #abletonlive, etc (you know - typical hashtags you’d add when posting a video of you jamming on your gear).

Why do these other musicians like your content and follow you? To get a like back, or a follow back. Or rather: some of them may actually be interested in your music, but some of them - rather in getting something back to promote their own stuff.

So I started to wonder: are OTHER MUSICIANS really our target group?

I’m starting to experiment with totally different content and hashtags, catering to different people and tastes. Will see how this goes.


I actually saw something this morning that was someone jamming on their DSI synth (and I follow #davesmithinstruments, so I got it that way) that they had also tagged as PS4 and videogames because they mentioned their PS4 was in storage so they were playing their instrument more. Still working out how to get rid of my videogames so I can use those hashtags #soldmyshitonebay ?


Well, i didn’t want to but I decided it’d be a good portfolio presence to make an instagram for my 3d stuff.

So I made one. Any of you IDMf homies that IG should add me too, I deleted my old account which had a bunch of you on there. :X


Do you guys ever get your shit stolen? I’ve wanted to make an instagram for a little while for various projects and whatever but it seems super easy to just have it all land on someone else’s HDD and possibly get reuploaded if they like your stuff.

Watermarking is tacky and looks like shit, too.