How Do Music's Christmas Spectacular (Submissions due Dec. 15)


Hey all, we are still working on How Do Music’s Christmas Album. We’ll take anything that’s got a 4 on the floor beat and is between 115-135 bpm. Many people wanted a house album, and this is a great chance for you all to make it happen. Get your tracks to me as you would like them to sound. I’ve mastered some of the early submissions and the loudness on all of them ended up around -12 LUFS, so you have something to aim for in terms of final loudness of your mix/master.

Send tracks to me here via PM, Discord on PM there, or to my email by or on December 15.

You only need to send it to one of those locations, I will see it and you will confuse me if you do more than one.


I can probably make something happen by this deadline. Call me a pleb but what is “LUFS”?


It’s a broadcast standard for measuring loudness. The loudness meter I use is the free Youlean loudness meter, and it measures in LUFS by default. It’s similar to RMS, but has some tweaks. I couldn’t tell you what they are off the top of my head, but LUFS is what you use to meet legal requirements for broadcast loudness, and it’s also what streaming services use to apply auto-gain to songs (if they do so) and bring them all to a similar level.


lick under foot seeds


So I wasn’t sure if this was clear or not, can I send you a track that I’ve mastered in that range, or are you mastering all submissions to be in said range? I have a track pretty much ready


Send me a track you have mastered in that range.


Things haven’t gone quite to plan on this, but not wanting to let you down, I’ve gone back to what I was working on on the E2. Recorded a one take live jam last of it, after a couple of hours practice. Not EBM, more chilled psy. Will PM a link later after I’ve finalized it. What format do you wan’t as I can’t remember what it was.