How Do Music's Christmas Spectacular (Submissions due Dec. 15)


We have wanted to do a house release forever, maybe picking this back up might be a good way to get some subs together :wink:

Seems like this had some steam going!


How about a summer dance and trance.


I’m hesitant to say go for it just yet because we MIGHT (as in this is not confirmed yet we still need to get 056 out the door and have a meeting about it to see if it’s possible) be doing a house album for IDMf this summer, so I’d be busy managing that if we do it and wouldn’t really be able to give much attention to this.

In any case, I can safely say we’re looking to do another 1-2 albums this summer minimum on the IDMf side of things (I’m wrapping up my own EP on top of that), so I’ll be pretty busy no matter what. Someone else will probably have to take over this project (I have all the current passwords available) or it will probably just be compilations of the songs that don’t make it onto IDMf releases.