Guys why you don't popular?


Why aren’t you guys popular like other artists? I’m curious
Like I know you say something, but you also make music, but others have clips with millions of views, but not you


I’m 95% certain I’m just terrible at marketing. Seriously, I have a degree in business and the closest I came to not getting that was the one marketing class I had to take. So instead of floundering around and doing a bad job at marketing, I just don’t do it. Believe me I tried, but when it got to the point where I was spending more time on marketing than on music, the music wasn’t as good as I wanted it to be, and it was costing me money… I decided that wasn’t how I want to spend my time and just focus on the music now.


I also can make some views on youtube but it costs time i think i’m better be making music instead of youtube views.

But really, people with millions of views on YouTube are probably rich. This is only about YouTube and subscribers, not to mention other popularity/fame and concerts.


Because i dont want to be…

Also its rigged…:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Also my energies are elsewhere other than music…

Its always been a side hobby.


From my many years here on this forum I would say that the people here are more interested in the process rather than the benefits that can come from the process. That being said there are a couple famous artists who are members here.


Humblebrag: Ive played my own tracks in front of an audience. Does that count or do I need 100k soundcloud followers? : )


Yes it counts. Simply. Well, it would be nice to have 100 thousand followers too


I can’t tell if this is a shitpost, or not.


No , it is not a shitpost


Sorry I was being a little sarcastic. I might just be old, but Ill value those memories of performing for real people more than knowing I had a lot of people following me online.

I only say this because I am a terrible online fan. I probably only listen to 10% of what a single artist posts if I follow them. More if it is someone I know personally and want to support.

There are many online electronic musicians doing a great job. But its a slog to dig through all the mediocre stuff to get to it. We now have to be our own A&R department if we don’t want to follow labels etc.

Even if the music is good its really hard to get people to listen.


Internet famous = no thanks

Some of my music doesnt have a lot of effort behind it…being that my music making is like a kindergardener copying a jackson pollock painting.

Also because way too many internet shitposts…

I dont troll…because trolling is dumb…

I did shitpost alot though which isnt good… that i completely own though.


Yeah, maybe my answer was a little snippy too. I just don’t understand the question to be honest. Like, there is literally a million reasons we aren’t famous, most of which being (speaking for myself) I haven’t put any work in to be famous, at all.

It’s basically like coming and asking - why aren’t any of you guys neuroscientists??!!?? There would be many possible reasons but most of us don’t care to put the work in and have little desire to do the job. I get the analogy doesn’t apply directly. The analogy would probably be better if this was a wannabe neuroscientist forum. Still though, your question assumes quite a bit about our motivations, and motivation levels, that frankly do not exist.

Sure, snap a finger and I’m famous? Count me in. Unfortunately it doesn’t quite work that way though.


If I can one day make enough money from music/art to have the time to focus solely on it, and live comfortably I will be happy. What matters to me isn’t having the biggest audience possible, but having an audience that actually cares about and understands what I’m going for with my music/art is enough (even if that audience is 5 people.)

I have pride just in the fact that some other artists and musicians who enjoy my work are people whose work I also enjoy, and their work stands on it’s own. That’s enough to feed my ego


What I make is 110% for my own gratification. I’m the only one that’ll hear it anyway.

I really don’t think being famous would be much of an upgrade to my life. People would probably expect me to actually do shit, and I ain’t got time for all that.


If anything, I didn’t mean to offend anyone


Can i make a shitpost in this thread?

Is it ok or are you not in the mood for shitposting…

Nvm im not really in the mood either…

I just thought it would spice things up a bit…

But yeah id rather cuddle and nap too.

Sounds like a plan.


As an additional thought…for myself…I like mixing records just to interact with the music I love. Its the next step after dancing in my kitchen or living room to a mix by a favorite DJ. I like listening to my own mixes, warts and all. Its fun putting the puzzle together even if its a puzzle ten thousand other bedroom DJs could put together with less effort than myself.

Edit: and like many passable DJs, my mixes go online, in the pile.


Actually, it doesn’t. It just requires money.

To the Mods (I think @bfk you’re a Mod these days? @White_Noise are you still one?) :slight_smile:

I was going to create a thread called: ArtistPR: I tried their YouTube offer so you don’t have to.

Before I do that, I was thinking it would be a good idea to create a new section for this forum, simply named “Music Marketing”. So if you feel like creating this, please do and I’ll post there.

The advantages would be:

  • Keeping all this kind of info in one spot and maybe our combined experiences can help others, so we all benefit. I know we all fucking hate marketing. We’re musicians, not marketers, yet it’s disheartening to work so hard on music and almost nobody will ever hear it.

  • Not miss threads such as this one, which are definitely very interesting

Back to your post, @st3aLth - You can have hundreds of thousands of YouTube views if you pay for it. I paid for 10,000 views out of curiosity. Look at the amount:

It took 2 DAYS.

Before that, I had 200 views in 2 months.

I’ll develop with details, pros & cons in the thread I mentioned I would create in this post after I hear from the Mods.



Lol im a mod…since when???

News to me.




Music marketing in the time ive posted here…has been discussed in various threads…over the years…

Some will say doing such is selling out…
Others will say its better to get authentic listens and fans by networking
Others say that stuff like this is shitting on music as an art and as a business
Those are a summary of the some of the sentiments ive read in the past…

But honestly i personally dont feel either way about the marketing thing…

And there is always the possibility of spam however.

I will say this though, things are constantly changing if you dont adapt with the times you get left behind.

So you have my blessing. To partake in this endeavor…If that means anything…