Guys why you don't popular?


50 cent got popular because he knew what he was selling…and how to sell it…

Also he would encourage people to bootleg or pirate his music

And look at him now…hes a mogul…

Not saying to copy 50 cent…but there are takeaway lessons to be learned.


@morphic I believe it might just be RFJ and I at this point, just two admins. I will let him know about the suggestion.


bfk, RFJ… close enough :laughing:


lol three initial bastards, can’t keep 'em all straight


See that’s the thing - my idea is to discuss marketing not based on feelings but on data - what works, what doesn’t, why, etc., backed up with cold facts. I’ve been working in market research for 20+ years (urgghh) so I’m used to look at data.


@relic - Thanks, man. I do believe that everybody could benefit from this. I’ll do my thread and if you decide to make a section for marketing discussion, then it can always be moved there :slight_smile:


Yea. For sure. Honestly, at this point I’m open to try whatever with the forum.



Yeah, I’m open to marketing category. Wondering if it would be best to have it as it’s own section or as a sub category within either The Studio or Music Scene? For reference, the sub catagory would be similar to how the Beat Battles category is housed within Community Projects. Let me know what you think and I’ll make it so.


The way I interact with the forum, the navigation feels non-linear, but I like the sub category idea. I like that feature as we can still keep the home page tidy.


I would prefer its own section, for visibility and getting people to interact with it more easily. For example, it took me longer than it should have been to find the Beat Battle category, as opposed to the thread of the same name, which was lost in the middle of other threads.

…and then I discovered that you can order threads by “Category”.


Honestly at this point maybe it is better to have it our front in case new people stumble by and find us.


New section of the forum is up.

I used some of the verbiage supplied by @morphic when writing the description of the category -

Any further suggestions you guys have can be posted here for consideration. I would move this discussion to the marketing section but being as this thread is all about feelings I think I’ll just leave it here.


Awesome, thanks! I’ll do my ArtistPR thread this week when I’m less fried. Work is a bitch right now.


@RFJ “this thread is all about feelings” lol

We definitely need a group therapy feelings section.


IDMf = I dig my feelings… forum

Seriously, I bet if you make this one change the forum membership goes up 800% in a week. Unfortunately, only ambient meditation music is now allowed. I am in a few ambient FB groups (IDK how I even got invited, perhaps they meditate to my music sometimes?) so I would make the transition OK, but all you beat freaks would have a rough time.


Lol. I am belly laughing over here!


I Doubt Myself forum

The 1st forum ever where absolutely anybody who’s not a total self-important prick can relate


My stuff just isn’t good enough, I’ll basically have to be a genuine master before I think my stuff can even begin to hold a candle to the best artists, then maybe I’ll promote my stuff.


NGL, this is a really good topic. This type of introspection can be really useful.

In short, my music sucks. The long version is that I’ve spent way too much time doing designs (or writing riffs) and not enough time composing actual songs / albums, or figuring out how to actually make my music work… or rather, how to turn my designs or riffs into music that people would actually want to listen to.

There’s a positive note for me, though; I’ve had way more success with just setting my designs free so that other people can make the music with them that I wish I could make. For me, that’s what makes the hobby fulfilling regardless, and although I still strive to make good music (yeah, one day… probably not), I’m fine with the idea that it might not be in the cards.

I definitely don’t think any of this has to do with networking, promoting or paying people to view your tracks and / or videos, but talent, rather… which ultimately comes down to really hard work, often with little to no compensation, for years on end. The amount of time, money and work that touring musicians put into their craft is pretty incredible, and super risky. I wouldn’t live that type of lifestyle even if it was easily-available for me, and thus I feel a lot better off simply doing this as a hobby and side-hustle.

But for those who go all in… I salute you :grinning:


I really like this response though—the self awareness and figuring out a way to enjoy your hobby and finding some kind of success in it.