Guitars and Things with Strings


yeah i know what you mean.but it was given to me by a friend.
it originally had 2 humbuckers,and a black pick guard.
it is a Mexican strat so…



Not a bad look! Mine is pretty similar.


yeah nice look! i like the contrast.i originally kept the white knobs,and pickup covers.
But no white humbucker.


Nothing wrong with a Mexican fender!
I’d rather have a Mexican fender I can pimp out myself like you are doing, than shell out 2 grand on a pro line fender.
Except maybe those ultra teles, those are sick! If I had 2,5 grand to spend on a guitar, I’d spend it on that! Nah, probably not…


I want a pick guard like that so hard! But it’s hard to find some that fit on a g&l.
PSA: since you guys seem to be into fender style guitars, g&l are amazing, better bang per buck imo!


oh yes i had a g&l back in the late 90’s.still kicking myself in the ass for having to sell it.
the only mod on that was a jb junior in the bridge position.


thats the weapon of choice in my strat!


All these thin sounding spank planks :grin:…I am more of a humbucker guy myself. :stuck_out_tongue: though my fav pickup is the old p90 on my ES-175. I have thought about trying one on my epi SG…I should look into that…and maybe a Tele to try out the single coil world again. So many guitars I don’t own yet…ans tips on a Tele with a nice wide neck? I have gorilla fingers.