Guitars and Things with Strings


yeah i know what you mean.but it was given to me by a friend.
it originally had 2 humbuckers,and a black pick guard.
it is a Mexican strat so…



Not a bad look! Mine is pretty similar.


yeah nice look! i like the contrast.i originally kept the white knobs,and pickup covers.
But no white humbucker.


Nothing wrong with a Mexican fender!
I’d rather have a Mexican fender I can pimp out myself like you are doing, than shell out 2 grand on a pro line fender.
Except maybe those ultra teles, those are sick! If I had 2,5 grand to spend on a guitar, I’d spend it on that! Nah, probably not…


I want a pick guard like that so hard! But it’s hard to find some that fit on a g&l.
PSA: since you guys seem to be into fender style guitars, g&l are amazing, better bang per buck imo!


oh yes i had a g&l back in the late 90’s.still kicking myself in the ass for having to sell it.
the only mod on that was a jb junior in the bridge position.


thats the weapon of choice in my strat!


All these thin sounding spank planks :grin:…I am more of a humbucker guy myself. :stuck_out_tongue: though my fav pickup is the old p90 on my ES-175. I have thought about trying one on my epi SG…I should look into that…and maybe a Tele to try out the single coil world again. So many guitars I don’t own yet…ans tips on a Tele with a nice wide neck? I have gorilla fingers.


was chatting with a guy the other day about how in the late 90s i had a sovtek big muff that was one of the last ones made before manufacturing started in the US. It sounded so cool… and… it ended up in a bin in the early 2000s (… :(((((). So stupid


Check this absolutely mutant guitar I had in for about 2 days. Was actually just amazing.


Here’s my workhorse, I use this mainly for live and composing (I like its sturdiness and the versatility of its sounds).
It’s a G&L Fallout Tribute, the pickups are stock, but the circuit is brand new with a switch for series-parallel (humbucker) and one that adds an high pass to the P90 (it can be too fat at times).


Love my g&l legacy, nice.


Here’s my oldest guitar after a cleaning. Got it in '98, cheap Ibanez. I’ve replaced quite a bit on it and made that pickguard myself from birch wood (just traced the old one and cut it out). The skull is one of those rub on things they sell during Halloween at Michaels or Hobby Lobby, Looks cool black on black but it does blur over time with wear.


Is that the skull behind the pickguard? Hard to see. I had an RG for a bit, was too heavy and the fingerboard too flat for me.


Yeah behind


some pure improv from practice. fun.


Good quality Guitar has a very sweet melody that is enough to grab the attention of your listenrs.


Great combination


My new Guitar is now my Oldest Guitar

Hand made and signed by Sadao Yairi in 1970.

This is the best nylon string guitar I’ve ever played. It has a booming volume, wide harmonic range and ring (sympathetic vibration) that doesn’t quit (if you let it…) and yet it’s so easy to manage all of that dynamic range… from tender melody to Epic Orchestration!

I’m so happy!:sunglasses:


What a collection, I’m glad I found this thread.