Guitars and Things with Strings


Tbh I’m not 100% sure the torpedo is IR loader. In my mind IRs are static as they are just a short sample. But the torpedo lets you choose your cab, place your mic’s ,change mic, put the mic’s in the back. You can mix 2 mic’s too now. And change the distance to the grill. So that’s a ton of options, not to mention the power amp sim, which I’ve never used, don’t need it. There’s also reverb.
So all in all I think it’s great tbh. But I don’t have much else to compare it to.


Got this yesterday. Raven West, made in 2016. I’m the 2nd owner. The EMG H4’s are super hot, I’m used to slightly less hot pickups, maybe change those out with something, maybe some type of Lace in the near future.

I feel like I have to say this to all the right handed people who may think this isn’t anything special, well…as a lefty, we just don’t see this kind of custom lefty guitar come up online very often and this one spoke to me. i paid $600 for it, it’s probably worth closer to $500 but again, lefty bros, shit doesn’t happen and if you want something MADE like this, it’s gonna run you in the thousands.


It’s a beautiful guitar, left- or right-handed. The contrast of the spalting with the thru body is awesome. How’s the neck on it?


The neck profile is more or less like a Fender, it’s not as flat or wide as say a Ibanez Wizard II which I have on two of the others I own. It’s not too fat though and the fretboard radius is nearly flat, which for me is cool, feels so different.


Heh, the ‘goldilock neck’…not to thick, not too thin, this one is just right. I’m always amazed the difference a neck has on my playing. Like I grab a tree trunk Les Paul with jumbo frets and it’s all stoner doom chords with thick fuzz, super thin Ibanez style makes me immediately noodle, etc etc. Always cool to grab something new.


not “real” but after hearing the Odin 2 plugin… I’m really considering reviving my dinosaur grindcore project…

…or doing some super math-prog-djent-grind shit in the meme-universe.

I really miss sequencing midi guitar, haha. tech has come a long way since FL Slayer.


Been busy today!so im performing surgery on my fender new york strat…
Had to gather my precision luthier tools…

remove unwanted bits…

pilfer from my other guitar…

meticulously fashion a humbucker hole…

assemble said guts…
and viola a genuine Fat strat! strings later gotta rest.


The blue guitar has a nice finish. Is that one getting gussied up for future endeavors?


indeed it far as i can tell the wood is ash,the binding is well done.and the mother of toilet seat blue is yes it has a future with me.the neck was crap so yeah new neck,locking tuners, new bridge,
Texas specials, and a white pearloid pick-gaurd.
yeah it’s gonna be a smoker!


Cool tomahawk!
And guitars too i suppose.

Kidding aside, I need to get into modding my guitars. I can set them up pretty well myself, and have changed the easy stuff so far, like bridges and tunners, but in terms of soldering etc, I’d really like to learn.

BTW HSS strats are probably the « best » guitars imo, most versatile, most comfy to play etc.


Looking back I should of used one with nylon strings…instead or trying to adapt to steel strings…I probably would of saved myself so much trouble…that’s what I get for being hard headed


soldering in a guitar is not particularly hard…but best to practice on something else first so you don’t drop a bit of solder on a nice finish or something. I am still a novice at it, but I managed to replace my stock vol knobs with linear taper and algo taper ones for tone, and added some orange caps to my SG…man that made a huge difference in the sound.


James Tyler studio elite. Got this recently and love it. It is hard to photograph but it is color shifting orange/green pearl paint. Changes in the light. Love this guitar.


I tried out the Keeley ECCOS pedal today. It is pretty rad. It can do half time and reverse in the loop mode so you can get the double time reverse loop stuff happening and it sounds really great. Small footprint as well.


Don’t tempt me I already have way too many pedals!


I’ve had some time to actually try and figure some stuff out that I have been wanting to try for a while. I’ve been doing some guitar demo videos for work and it has kind of reinvigorated my interest in guitar. Definitely also pushes the GAS buttons. lol


That headstock is pretty pimping


lol! the headstock is controversial. some people really despise them.


my modded fender.added graphite saddles,had the bridge blocked and a dark perloid pick gaurd.

eventually the plan is to have texas specials in the neck and middle,and a pearly gates humbucker!


The black on black pick guard looks sick.
Only gripe for me is the 21 frets. But its also not my guitar :wink: