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Well f* me!
I just won bids on 2 lunchbox amp heads today!
I figured I’d get one, now I’ve got 2 on their way!
I’m mixed between pumped and bummed! Lol


So slutty. What did you get?


Orange Brent Hinds terror and Friedman runt 20.
I felt like I low bid the runt and was sure I wasn’t gonna get it!


Damn, dude, you’re not fucking around. Congrats! So are you looking for a cab now or you’re going to stick with Captor/studio monitors?


Monitors for now.
I might flip one. I have no way to justify both tbh!
But eventually I’d like to go wet dry with one amp and cab and a frfr speaker for the helix. Which is basically what I’m gonna setup with the torpedo.

Like I said, I kinda low balled both at the same time, never expected both sellers would go for it!


You’ll be getting Masto-tones in no time flat.


That’s kinda the plan, although both seem like they will be pretty versatile.
That might be the deciding factor in terms of what to keep in the end, since I like so many tone!


Amps just came in!

Edit: so I’ve got one (the orange) setup in the most overkill rig of the year.
I have a splitter box out of my pedals with one side going to my audio interface for amp sims. The other side goes to the helix rack, which in turns has the direct out to the orange.
So all that setup I could track the amp, helix and a vst all at once. Cuz why not I guess?
Oh, and it sounds pretty amazing.
Pics to follow.


Replying to myself again lol!

Here’s what I’ve setup/ played this afternoon. Sounds sick!


Cool stuff. How’s the Runt? And which one do you think you’ll end up keeping?


I’ve only played the orange so far, and it’s great!
I’ve gone from Jimi to AiC to Tool tones, not too much problem.
Tomorrow I will test the runt next.
I think financially I could stand to gain from selling the runt, but we will have to see how it plays out.
The orange might even have too much drive lol!


Got around (finally) to playing the Friedman.
It’s amazing! Very versatile but doesn’t get as crazy heavy as the orange.
It’s a tough one to compare, I think the clean channel is more capable in that it has a 3 position bright switch, whereas the orange is just a volume knob.
And there’s a presence control for the dirty channel which the orange doesn’t have.
But the orange is brighter anyway, which I like.
But the Friedman does Jimi real well, where the orange doesn’t quite turn the gain down as much for classic rock stuff.
Basically I would use both, each hard panned for double tracking guitars, I think they would complement each other amazing!

I might get around to tracking some examples and comparing them to some amp sims if anyone is interested in checking that out.


Yes, please.


I’ll get to it next weekend as I am away this weekend!


just found out about this pedal testing video channel on youtube, the best I’ve seen so far. No talk, sound and text only. No over-explaining, only showing and deconstructing. No shred, no blues licks.

it’s called Knobs


Hell ya. Knobs is pretty funny sometimes. Long time subscriber.


I forgot about that channel, thanks for the reminder. :grinning:


A nice set of original gibson pickups, a maxon od808 and that head through a marshall lead 1960 2x12 would be the sweetest half-retro, half-modern sounding riff machine.


BTW @jbvdb493 how’s that torpedo working out? I saw Pete Cotrell using one in conjunction with a 6505 MH and it sounds pretty smooth with high gain. I’ve got the MH but that torpedo does do impulses justice and do want.