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Your Custom Tele Reissue sounds like a real gem, especially with that beefy neck you’ve got on it!

Adjusting the bridge to eliminate buzzing and achieve your preferred action is all part of the process of fine-tuning a guitar to your liking.

And it’s great to hear that you’re enjoying the neck pickup so much – finding that perfect tone can make all the difference in your playing experience.


that shit is fucking SEXY


that’s my baby. Taylor model 110, signed by Bob. she’s… amazing.


Sexy? Hell yeah…You have no Idea!!!:sunglasses:


I bought this Martin D 18 new in1973. Good thing I don’t play with a pick or that worn area above the guard would be hole by now!

And since we are sharing…

Also from 1973, bought it 2nd hand for $100 from a guy who had it for a couple months, got frustrated trying to learn and banged it up in anger. He was a good singer in a band that already had too many guitars.

Once I adjusted the intonation, it plays awesome! all original parts.:sunglasses: