Gamers what games are you playing? :)


I don’t know about hard. I’m not good gamer or a hardcore one yet I managed to finish all of From Software games apart from Sekiro.
Fuck that giant monkey.


It’s about patience, grinding and luck.

And this is coming from someone that given the option plays on normal or easy.


I would add persistence and the ability to deal with soul crushing defeats in here. in both Bloodborne and DS3 I got a level 60+ character, but couldn’t bring myself to finish the game after repeatedly losing an hour+ worth of blood echoes/souls to cheap shots.

Definitely a game of knowledge/trial and error a bit too.

That being said, I absolutely love those. Good on you for beating them all @Auto-meh-geddon - that’s an impressive feat.


It was announced on N7 day that Mass Effect Legendary Edition will be out next Spring. First 3 games remastered basically. They’re not intending any changes to gameplay or content, just polishing up the tech from what I read.

Can’t wait.

Xcom 2 Collection out on iOS. Lower rez than PC, slightly buggy, can’t customise squad members. Rinces the battery for all its worth.

Very couch compatible. Winning.


Still :sunglasses:


Not that I’m surprised but…

Trying to get a PS5 is proving to be quite impossible. I’ve been on every restock Walmart has had online at every single moment the restocks occur. I’ve tried every time on launch day and the time today. Today was the worst. Hit refresh at noon and immediately it refreshed to out of stock. The other 4 times I tried it let me put it in the cart, got to the payment, and it kicked me out while putting in details. Absolutely deplorable. I think the bots are beating out the actual consumers here.


Not gonna lie, if I somehow did get one right now (and rest easy folks, I’m not trying - I want Ratchet and Clank, Gran Turismo, and God of War - none of which are coming until next year), I would flip it for the street price in a heartbeat. Maybe blow the profits on an Analog Heat…

Supply chains for all things computers have been tough this year. Apparently Nvidia still hasn’t caught up to Day 1 orders from when they launched their RTX3080 almost 2 months ago (not to mention the 3 additional graphics cards and an entire new CPU lineup that have sold out in minutes since then, or the other launches that sold out earlier this year, or the fact that you couldn’t get a power supply for a few months there…). I think MS and Sony have both said they expect shortages through March or so of next year. It’s a bummer, but the reality is I have plenty of games I can still play on the machines I have now, so I’m not sweating it too much.

I know it’s a bummer for you to wait for Demon’s Souls, but if it makes you feel any better, I’m waiting to dig into Cyberpunk until I can get my PC upgraded, which is probably a few months out (again, parts availability).


Installing this as I type.

Playing a game about a deadly plague in the middle of the COVID pandemic to brighten the mood :laughing:


Unfortunately there’s entire “hustler” organizations now, where people will pay a double premium to a bot organization to “guarantee a preorder”. They’re rampant on twitter as if they’re some honest business.

Shitty part? I guess it is honest. This is on the retailers in my opinion. Tickets should be reserved, bots should dealt with.

Hope you can secure one dude!


Mine arrived yesterday and I’m now into Demon’s Souls. I just cheesed the Red Dragon, it only took 140 arrows and half hour of patient sniping. I love cheeses like this…


So Doom Eternal is on sale for 20€…my system should just about handle it, at least on medium textures. What is our opinion on it? I loved the originals.


I haven’t played Eternal but I have what I think is the one just before that (the one from 2016 simply called “Doom” on the PS4 - I guess it was the “reboot”). As with any Doom, it’s pretty intense & fun. So you know what to expect.


It’s fun, don’t expect the old doom (the enemies and the weapons are the same, pretty much it) but it’s a solid arena-based shooter, huge fun in a teenager kinda way


What’s the word on Demon Souls?


As good as I remembered it and more obscure than I remembered it.
Things to keep in mind, like item burden, equipment burden, world tendency and things like that.
Loving it, making slow progress and enjoying some multiplayer because I have a life and can’t be arsed with getting stuck.

Magic is quite powerful and I just switched build from medium shield and falchion to a classic huge shield plus spear…


Wow Shadowlands pre-launch event. Its a bit of a giggle.

With friends: Endless Space 2.


One little detail I forgot to mention, bonfires are AFTER Boss fights, not before…


I went ahead and bought it…18.70 for a great newish game…not a bad deal. Just waiting for HB to get more keys from Bethesda so I can install it. :smiley: I expect to have some 'splody fun soon.


I could not pass on this at $12.99 :smile:


Freaking Bethesda…still no key. Do they like have to print them out and mail them to people? Or have the monkeys who bash on the keyboards to generate the keys gone on strike? SMH


bought today starcraft remastered . very happy :smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley: