Gamers... what are you playing?


Kingdom Come: Deliverance - aka: milord simulator
break neck sweaty classic WoW speed running in a ranked guild- naxx soon
Monster Hunter World: Iceborne
The Outer World - haven’t played yet but I plan to
and 100’s of other games on steam n shit I buy on sale and never play and think about playing ._. the post modern problem
and rage playing dark souls 2/3, doing naked no damage runs and barely getting far before breaking whatever is nearest to me in my apartment


Well I’ve been stuck on trying to complete Path of Exile’s insanely challenging, complex, and punishing endgame content. I’ve never done it since 3.0 came out some years back despite being a closed beta player.

At least I finally moved on from Warframe for now, lol.

Cyberpunk’s delay is actually a relief. I’m tempted to pick up Outer Worlds but I’m not yet thirsty for a methodical FPS/RPG.

Anyone here have your eye on any next gen consoles? Pretty impressed with the Demon’s Souls PS5 demo!


I haven’t bought a brand new console ever. I usually wait 2-3 years and get the refresh. Especially with the PS5 as big as it is. I’d literally have to rearrange my entire entertainment unit to fit it, and I have space for a A/V receiver in there. God of War might change my mind.

Xbox, I’m interested kinda just because I’ve never had one before and the backward compatibility goes all the way to original, but I have a PC so everything microsoft releases basically I can already play. Again, going to wait until next year at least.


This game will sell the console for me. Super excited about PS5 DS Remaster. It’s becoming more and more obvious to me that really the only games I really like are fromsoft games as I’ve bounced off the last 10 or 15 games I’ve played without completing them. I’ve replayed the souls series more than I’ve played anything else. Last game I actually completed that wasn’t a solid game was Ori and The Blond Forrest / Will of the Wisps, lol.

Great games actually though especially Blind Forrest. Really wanting to try Ghosts of Tsushima but I’m afraid I’ll bounce off that one too.


When you buy you Demon’s Souls physical edition at launch please remember you have in your hand something I worked on.




You were the devs’ fluffer?


No shit?!??

In what capacity?

Awesome by the way.


I will get the PS5 around the one year mark, when they make a smaller version of it and the kinks of the 1st gen have been ironed out. I had a '“fat PS3” and it died on me twice (had it repaired once, lasted a couple months). That means I lost all my saves twice and that’s the reason why I never finished Red Dead Redemption and a couple other great games…sigh. Then I got the newer version and no problems at all.

Also I still have games for the PS3 that I haven’t even started yet… and quite a few to play on the PS4 as well. So yeah, no rush here.


SC 1 the campaign and Fallout 3


I hope the demon souls re imaging is what people want
the original is still so much fun, so janky and so hard


I don’t know about hard. I’m not good gamer or a hardcore one yet I managed to finish all of From Software games apart from Sekiro.
Fuck that giant monkey.


It’s about patience, grinding and luck.

And this is coming from someone that given the option plays on normal or easy.


I would add persistence and the ability to deal with soul crushing defeats in here. in both Bloodborne and DS3 I got a level 60+ character, but couldn’t bring myself to finish the game after repeatedly losing an hour+ worth of blood echoes/souls to cheap shots.

Definitely a game of knowledge/trial and error a bit too.

That being said, I absolutely love those. Good on you for beating them all @Auto-meh-geddon - that’s an impressive feat.


It was announced on N7 day that Mass Effect Legendary Edition will be out next Spring. First 3 games remastered basically. They’re not intending any changes to gameplay or content, just polishing up the tech from what I read.

Can’t wait.

Xcom 2 Collection out on iOS. Lower rez than PC, slightly buggy, can’t customise squad members. Rinces the battery for all its worth.

Very couch compatible. Winning.


Still :sunglasses:


Not that I’m surprised but…

Trying to get a PS5 is proving to be quite impossible. I’ve been on every restock Walmart has had online at every single moment the restocks occur. I’ve tried every time on launch day and the time today. Today was the worst. Hit refresh at noon and immediately it refreshed to out of stock. The other 4 times I tried it let me put it in the cart, got to the payment, and it kicked me out while putting in details. Absolutely deplorable. I think the bots are beating out the actual consumers here.


Not gonna lie, if I somehow did get one right now (and rest easy folks, I’m not trying - I want Ratchet and Clank, Gran Turismo, and God of War - none of which are coming until next year), I would flip it for the street price in a heartbeat. Maybe blow the profits on an Analog Heat…

Supply chains for all things computers have been tough this year. Apparently Nvidia still hasn’t caught up to Day 1 orders from when they launched their RTX3080 almost 2 months ago (not to mention the 3 additional graphics cards and an entire new CPU lineup that have sold out in minutes since then, or the other launches that sold out earlier this year, or the fact that you couldn’t get a power supply for a few months there…). I think MS and Sony have both said they expect shortages through March or so of next year. It’s a bummer, but the reality is I have plenty of games I can still play on the machines I have now, so I’m not sweating it too much.

I know it’s a bummer for you to wait for Demon’s Souls, but if it makes you feel any better, I’m waiting to dig into Cyberpunk until I can get my PC upgraded, which is probably a few months out (again, parts availability).


Installing this as I type.

Playing a game about a deadly plague in the middle of the COVID pandemic to brighten the mood :laughing:


Unfortunately there’s entire “hustler” organizations now, where people will pay a double premium to a bot organization to “guarantee a preorder”. They’re rampant on twitter as if they’re some honest business.

Shitty part? I guess it is honest. This is on the retailers in my opinion. Tickets should be reserved, bots should dealt with.

Hope you can secure one dude!


Mine arrived yesterday and I’m now into Demon’s Souls. I just cheesed the Red Dragon, it only took 140 arrows and half hour of patient sniping. I love cheeses like this…