Gamers... what are you playing?


The old god of war games the story is so mesmerizing kratos opens pandoras box to kill ares who used kratos but ares wound up killing his family anyway even though kratos was his servant. But in opening pandoras box the greek gods became corrupted…but in the old classic myths the greek gods behaved very much like humans…idk I just find that game interesting…idk what they are smoking but the new storyline with kratos and how his son is supposed to be Loki it’s like a wierd spin on the legend of ragnarok and it’s not that marvel comics type shit…god of war is a fucking acid trip.


An hour ago or so completed the order for my Valve Index after placing the order first week of August. Its finally officially on its way.

Can’t wait to hook it up to my DAW and fail.

But yay SW Squadrons, Star Trek Bridge Crew and othe hilarity :smiley:


Can’t remember if I already mentioned that: the Epic games store constantly gives away free games. For example, this week (until the 24th) you can get Football Manager 2020, Watchdogs 2 and Stick it to the man! (an indie game that looks quite fun).


Aye, I’ve had heaps of games on there. I bet everyone just grabs the freebies and decides later if they want to play :smiley:


I play Dota 2 all week.


Yup. I used to grab everything that looked interesting, “just in case”. Since I don’t even have time to play the games I’ve bought, well, that’s not boding to well for those free ones, is it :upside_down_face:


I’m playing through Amnesia The Dark Descent again


Started playing Hades on the Switch, perfetto pick up and play experience. I can see myself losing hours on this. Days mostly…


Tempted to buy those old school game emulators on Google’s app store…

Fucking amazing in a span of 30 years a smartphone can handle the processing of a Sony playstation gen 1 from the 90’s.


Yeah, I grab most of these too, but so far in the last year I have not managed to bother to install more than one, Enter the Gungeon. I have waaay too many games already, and I only play Fortnite (with my son) and sometimes Warframe anymore. When I retire, I will have enough games to keep me busy for a decade though.