Gamers... what are you playing?


The old god of war games the story is so mesmerizing kratos opens pandoras box to kill ares who used kratos but ares wound up killing his family anyway even though kratos was his servant. But in opening pandoras box the greek gods became corrupted…but in the old classic myths the greek gods behaved very much like humans…idk I just find that game interesting…idk what they are smoking but the new storyline with kratos and how his son is supposed to be Loki it’s like a wierd spin on the legend of ragnarok and it’s not that marvel comics type shit…god of war is a fucking acid trip.


An hour ago or so completed the order for my Valve Index after placing the order first week of August. Its finally officially on its way.

Can’t wait to hook it up to my DAW and fail.

But yay SW Squadrons, Star Trek Bridge Crew and othe hilarity :smiley:


Can’t remember if I already mentioned that: the Epic games store constantly gives away free games. For example, this week (until the 24th) you can get Football Manager 2020, Watchdogs 2 and Stick it to the man! (an indie game that looks quite fun).


Aye, I’ve had heaps of games on there. I bet everyone just grabs the freebies and decides later if they want to play :smiley:


I play Dota 2 all week.


Yup. I used to grab everything that looked interesting, “just in case”. Since I don’t even have time to play the games I’ve bought, well, that’s not boding to well for those free ones, is it :upside_down_face:


I’m playing through Amnesia The Dark Descent again


Started playing Hades on the Switch, perfetto pick up and play experience. I can see myself losing hours on this. Days mostly…


Tempted to buy those old school game emulators on Google’s app store…

Fucking amazing in a span of 30 years a smartphone can handle the processing of a Sony playstation gen 1 from the 90’s.


Yeah, I grab most of these too, but so far in the last year I have not managed to bother to install more than one, Enter the Gungeon. I have waaay too many games already, and I only play Fortnite (with my son) and sometimes Warframe anymore. When I retire, I will have enough games to keep me busy for a decade though.


Inserts arrived for Valve Index today. Not had time to play yet but will check them out properly when the working day is done :slight_smile:

Been playing Interplanetary with friends. Pretty funny. Basically your planet circles a sun and you fire railguns and stuff at other players’ planets and try to bomb their cities. Working out a path around the solar system to hit anything is really difficult but really quite funny when it all kicks off.

Got my hands on a few VR games but tbh waiting for SW Squadrons on Friday.


I’m surprised you’re not telling us how Half Life Alyx is a glimpse at the future. I have buddy who bought the Index just for that (and had to wait 3 months to get it).


Too scared to play it! :rofl:


He did say that he ended up with his back literally against a wall both in game and IRL, which was pretty terrifying…


If you want to kill time - play Dota2


Played a little bit now, not very far in but its brilliant. Great atmosphere, very immersive. Loving it so far.


Squadrons preload is up on Steam \o/



First impression of Star Wars Squadrons in VR is amazing. Not had time to play much as sorting out joystick etc has taken some time.


Endless Space 2 is cheap on Steam for another day. I finally decided to get it at the recommendation of a friend. I played the first one and just didn’t get on with it at all.

This is a different experience, its way way better. As with most sci-fi 4x’s you can see the influence of Master of Orion and that’s not a bad thing. They’ve got a strong story for all the races, and the game is very pretty. The alien races are proper different in some cases but you can stick to the familiar stuff if you prefer.

The tech tree is batshit crazy and makes no logical sense. I don’t think that’s an accident or incompetence. It looks like they’re trolling people who want to take apart a game because the occasional thing isn’t right and they’ve gone full-on bananas with it. It still works and you can figure stuff out but initially I was just looking at it in bafflement.

The interface is excellent and some of the little quality-of-gaming-life touches are very slick for managing your empire.

Starship combat is best described as… meh. Same as first game. Pick your tactics card and let a non-interactive space battle take place. You can abandon the viewing but I’d rather just skip it altogether if I’m not going to be directly controlling the fight. Basically just get a bigger fleet together with the right tactic card(s) and your golden. Not very satisfying but it isn’t the main focus of the game so I’ll let it slide since the rest of it has been so well done.

Played a few hours now and very much enjoying the galactic conquest. Mostly me getting conquered so far.


My brother got that a few weeks ago, and we have the family sharing on our steam libraries so I could play that, but I’ve also been playing Civ 6 about 4 nights a week with friends recently. So I haven’t had a chance to dive in yet.

Plus living with my parents throughout the pandemic, we’ve struggled to find something that we all enjoy together. But then I got my brother the Imperial Assault boardgame for his birthday and we’ve all been having fun playing that every weekend, which eats up another hour or two on my most free nights. Plus we got my dad Catan last year and he pretty much demands we play that every week (though even with all the different expansions that one has gotten to be a bit of a chore). I miss when we could have a quick game of Clue, but that just doesn’t cut it for the rest of them anymore.

I also bought the N64 I never had as a kid, so I’ve been going through that library of ROMs on original hardware. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how much I can still enjoy that thing.