Future of the IDMf Netlabel

Posting this because I’m interested in how the label has been affected by recent events, if at all (obviously I know it still exists and will continue on).

You guys should try to set up remixes for the new releases and interviews with the artists, as well. Seriously, interviews are something that’s been missing. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, this is just a thread to discuss the netlabel. :+1:


Metaside is running his own remixes at least for IDMf 052. You can check it out in the release thread. I did my remix months ago, but then Meta and I are involved in other stuff outside the forum, so I got the inside track on that release in particular.

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I’ve been seriously considering starting up a community event… just not sure what and how. remix comp maybe.

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We have January album writing month coming up, maybe if there’s traction we could remix one of someone else’s track and see if it warrants an IDMf ep or something.

As a whole though, this place is feeling a little slower than pre collapse, so don’t know how well things are, or how much traction anything would get.


Eventhough I have never made the cut for the IDMf releases I really like the forum. I’ve been learning a lot and I wish it lives on and on.

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Not knocking on any other of you fabulous fucks around here, but I’m really surprised - the tracks of yours I checked out seemed really badass man.

Hey, nice one. Thanks for listening to my music. There’s more to come very soon.

Netlabel is still up and running, obviously. We have a couple releases to listen to that have been sent just before the crash and one more recently. One is a completed submission, the other a demo ;). My feeling is they’re both solid and will both be getting released early next year or so.


Can y’all post a new guideline for net label submissions? I might have something for ya

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Ha just posted on a different thread saying pretty much something. Sure the tunes were saved, as they are probably not hosted on the same server as the forums. Or one would hope on a hard drive somewhere.

Never knew what the guidelines were for submitting, and would also be curious to see such.

Not really any track minimum or limit, although a two track thing isn’t really a thing. Use discretion there. -3 to -6 dB on the clean master. Unless, you want to master it yourself or submit masters you had someone else do which is perfectly fine. You can PM one of us (me, auto, relic, roo) a private link or submit via e mail -


Tell us a bit about yourself and the release. Make sure the tracks are private. Include artist name and forum name if different.

We’ll get something more official up soon but those are essentially the guidelines. Also, we’re far less picky than the previous administration as far as rule following goes so just make sure it’s a quality submission and worry less about the bull shit.


yo, here is that thread you suggested

While I tend to agree, the forum needs some staggering to releases, I believe a sub release pattern should follow with some artists able to completely follow the typical netlabel demands, mix-wise. I do think hearing out, full thoughts, mix/master moving forward is a leap forward in the release format.

As in, release something to be mastered or release something to be released. Two different patterns equaling a faster release date, method. One comes with community, one visualized by the artist?

A possibility. ?

Of course, maybe the forum/net label doesn’t have any lagging behind, as it is.