The Idmf interview thread

The Idmf interview thread, in the event that any idmf’ers want to be interviewed in the future, all idmf interviews can be shared here…talk about all things music related whether it be production techniques, your music, the music that you like and the music that has influenced you over the years, your experiences being a part of the scene/industry, your thoughts about current music, etc… etc…

interviews can be written to make it easier for those of us with tricky schedules and since some of us are in different time zones
or they can be done through vid chat or whatever anyways go!!!


I would absolutely be down with grilling you savage hoodlums with hard questions. If memory serves I believe the interview thread of old tied into the IDMf Radio launch all those 500 years ago.

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I still think we should get our heads together and do the IDMf podcast…

…just shitposting it again for interest :slight_smile:

But I do like this thread idea, also <3

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I’m up for hearing some interviews. Feel like the netlabel guys all getting together and either doing a round table thing or being asked questions would be neat.

Might be better suited for a podcast and probably difficult to get everyone together.

Great idea, but honestly with RFJ on the Westcoast, me in Ohio and Auto and Roo in the UK probably pretty unrealistic.

Again, all this takes is ya’ll deciding to make it happen. I’m happy to create some kind of more official stickied thread.

Yeah totally. Would have to be weekend . And then mixed between time of days. Hell some of you probably even work weekends.

I did my reaching outs and got an interview with (mysterious monstre guest) worked out the deets on scheduling and the date is set for 1-23-19 @ 9PM EST (local listings for your particular area; Check yoselfs) I am still very much open to suggestions for hosting platforms but as it stands I’ve a winamp plugin that intigrates into an audio channel via Ableton. So I will be spending the next few weeks in the finalizing process.


Night/early morning non sober chit chat…that means staying up late and sacrificing daytime energy required for earning monies that are used to acquire music gear, is a grand personal sacrifice that one must undertake…fuck it i wish we could pool our knowledge together and build an open source tardis that idmf can use to make it easier…

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During the fall and spring I work 6-7 days a week so yea ;p

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Might also be rad sometime to do an IDMf artist random production live stream. My computer is pretty set up for live streaming, might be cool to spend an hour or two creating shitty tunes through open broadcast capture for an IDMf piece, or community project / remix.

Might garner some attention in conjunction with a podcast/interview thing…

…might be onto something cool here boys


This is exactly what I’m screaming because I feel like I accidentally end up making some of my best work is from a completely improvised session.

This is why I love modular synthesizing; Its always when you least expect it that something crazy good happens when patching.

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I am totally game for this. Infact have new cameras coming in and ready to stream hardcore. Infact about to dive into regular scheduled streams of jams.


yessssss :slight_smile: so far I think I’m the only one doing it currently. looking forward to checking your stuff out!!!

Great idea!

So… did anything happen? … now what?:thinking: