Free plugins!




Nice, I will check that out. TDR can do no wrong in my book. Great plugins.


I have previously posted this and deserves a bump as perpetually updating and so usable. The free BBC Symphony Orchestra is worth the nil price alone :star_struck:


I see that the VITAL is about to drop (November 24th officially, though it seems to already available for download on the site).

The basic version is free (comes with 80 presets ​and 25 wavetables), but there are also 3 other options you can go with… Plus for $25…Pro for $80 and a $5 per month subscription-based version, each level offering different things.

Supported Platforms:

Windows 10
MacOS 10.12 and above
Ubuntu Linux 18.04 and above

Plugin Formats:

VST / VST3 / AU / LV2

Been waiting now for a while for this to released, as it looked like it would be a really cool synth, given it comes from the same guys who gave us Helm (also free).


Waveform modulation in free Fullbucket synth


So Vital dropped, I just dl’d on my lappy. It is fantastic. my browser warned me about the download based on “not a lot of people have downloaded this file” and I went ahead anyway, scanned the file to boot and all seems fine.

This thing is fantastic. I also have a few other WTs, notably Synthmaster One and Sektor, both of which I really like. The visual feedback on this thing is however much better. Perhaps just eye candy, but it is super easy to see what the sound is doing. So if that is your thing, and you like Wavetables, this is definitely worth checking out.


yeah, I need to spend more time with it, but I like it so far. As I have mentioned before, I have a few other WT type vsts, notibly SynthmasterOne and Sektor. Both are different and not quite so flashy, but both have some great sounds. I recommend them as well. Though they are not free, they can be had for cheap. I payed less than 20 for each of them iirc.


Re: Vital. I bought the $80 version, whatever it’s called, as I thought it was amazing and could help the dev - I certainly recognize the hours and skills he put into this. I do not regret it. It is maybe the best interface I’ve used for a synth that powerful. Logical and not overwhelming. Great work, really. My only gripe is the lack of a real arpeggiator (not just LFO-based). I’m hoping that will be a future add-on :slight_smile:


Free stuff - Sample packs everywhere!


Free FM synth (haven’t tried this one yet)



big ass lists


chop chop guys , this one is free : Fresh Air - Slate digital
Don’t know if it’s much of an help, but it’s good to give it a try, i did.


Beyerdynamic Virtual Studio google it


It’s pretty so I grabbed it - I like plugins with beautiful interfaces. Will I ever use it? We shall see!


It’s pretty straightforward, nothing magic, just an easy interface that does the job, shines the highs & work well on the mids … it adds this little presence like with the bx masterdesk but … it’s free … so …


Check RothAir


Yeah…that’s a real gem of a plug…one that I think really deserves more attention. Been using it now since it first appeared in the KVR Plugin contest back in 2016. Some peeps have posted it messes their tracks up, but I’ve never had any issues with it. Well worth having in your toolbox.


BPB turned me on to this, worth grabbing if you don’t have it. I went through the process and got my key already, so it is legit: