Free plugins!


I like the clear button (clears the delay buffers).
I like this reverb because it innovative and very up to date.


you guys may also like Xenoverb…it has a lot of good algos, including a freeze button. It is not free, but is on sale fairly regularly. It is a bit more of a swiss army knife VST but I found that chaining two of them and alternating the freeze on/off gave me pads for dayz.


you can download beat magazine for free english edition and magazine content 8.5 Gb for free ! ! !


Valhalla Space Modulator


Pluginboutique is giving reason lite away free with any purchase this month. It comes with a couple of rack extensions, but the neat thing is there’s an upgrade option from lite to standard for $130 as opposed to $400 full price. I think. I could be wrong, maybe check with reason beforehand, but it looks that way to me. So I’ll be taking advantage of the free package at least.


You can find magazines online and get access to content.


A really neat real-time granular delay. Great for quick granular textures, for most parameters you can also set a range of values to randomize grains. Also you can correlate parameters (for example, grains that are randomized to be lower pitched can be made longer than higher pitched grains, stuff like that). I find myself reaching for it too much.


was so stocked, andthen read this bit:


  • I’ve received reports that it doesn’t work in MacOS 10.11 and 10.12. Apple broke backwards compatibility. I need to update the code but presently don’t have a Mac to develop with.
  • Not compatible with Final Cut Pro X.
  • Linux users should install ttf-bitstream-vera fonts.
  • Old versions of Renoise require the setting Use static processing buffers enabled in the plugin compatibility options.

Which probably means no newer updates, and yet one more reason I hate new devices, and computers! :disappointed:


Oh I didn’t even see that! Do you have any coding background? I don’t have a Mac but it’s open source and made with JUCE so I could try and see how much work would go into getting it up to date with the latest version of JUCE. If that’s doable I could send you the project to compile if you know how to!


A bit of c, hashing, and C++, but I don’t code.

I do not have time to compile any scripts. Appreciate the offer tremendously, and hope it will be ok for others to take you up on this? :pray:t5:


I’ll see what I can do! I might also be able to use a friend’s macbook to compile it if they let me.

Some more cool plugins that I haven’t seen posted here:

Evaluator - create bytebeat sounds with a loop of code you can type in, the output of the synth is generated from the output of the code. Can also operate on incoming audio and midi, and has parameter knobs that can be automated that you can reference in the code.
xfer records freeware - stuff from Steve Duda (guy who made serum). Has the OTT multiband compressor, a dimension expander, a DJ controller style LP-HP filter, and a couple of bit-crushy things.


How to get LADSPA as VSTs


This is being billed as a free DAW, but you can actually rewire it as an instrument to any DAW you’re currently using and use this as your sampler/drum machine. And for that it is very, very good. This is almost exactly the OS from the current MPC range.


nice one, i saw that but have not downloaded it yet. I will do so after work. I liked the idea of it, maybe that along with my Novation launchpad I could get some MPC action on the cheap.

#156, launched back in 2014 by the folks over Bedroom Producers Blog, was set up to offer free plugins, as well as sound FX and Kontakt stuff…most of which are really good and it’s a handy source to hit up if you’re looking for something of quality that’s free to use in a project.

That said, not everything on offer is going to blow your socks off, so testing stuff to see if they’re what you’re looking for is obviously advised.


Fresh from Newfangled Audio:

looks pretty interesting.


You beat me to it. BPB describes this as being perfect for dark and glitchy sounds, I thought of IDMf right away! I’ll be checking it out tonight.


This month’s free giveaway with any purchase from pluginboutique is Trash 2. I was actually thinking about getting that one, so I’m gonna see what deals they have and pick something up for like 10 bucks.


Trash is good. it has a lot of stuff in it like convolution verb and filters…I find I use it mostly for sound design, and mostly just the distortions. The filters are nice to have too.