Free plugins!


fake address and bunch of 0s seem to work tho



You call that unethical? I plan on selling all of these keys later on eBay


Until the 30th of April 2020, download the plugin and receive a lifetime license containing FREE Virtual Cabinets.


Has anybody aggregated these ‘stay the fuck home’ bundles yet? Regular free plugins are now much less exciting than our current reality


I think Musicradar and BPB are staying on top of it. I check both every day.


I started to, but ran our of interest. There are only so many VSTs and sample packs I can use you know. I would paste my list but it is over a month old, so probably not all of them are valid anymore.


honestly imo less plugins = more productivity.
i have been ignoring the freebies and sticking with my tools i know and love.


This is more free samples, but they’re from the US government, so they have to be legit.


I had this idea to try to collect free sample libraries that became free for a limited quarantine time but gave up after remembering I’m not going to use any of those anyway. Then comes some companies with their most exclusive stuff that is now free!, like reverb(dot)com with their supposed ~900 bucks worth of drum machines samples or some “IT WAS 50 BUCKS BUT NOW IT’S FREE” (but nobody even purchased those anyway). Yeah, maybe I will keep my hard drive emptier.


im a sucker for samples. you never know what you will need in the future!
i spent a few days recently trying to delete bad quality ones and ones i cant imagine i would ever need.
i freed up a few GB but havent really even scratched the surface. listening to them all is a shitty task.


I found the ADRS Sample Manager and it is fantastic. I wanted to clear out my huge sample collection by going through everything and reorganizing it not by pack, but by sample type…still haven’t gotten to it. When I do though, it will be this this software. What a lifesaver it is.