Free plugins!


Wow, there are a few of those I’d love to bring elsewhere. Nice find!


Let me know if you figure out how to DL the Joep Vanlier plugins, I spent half an hour on it yesterday and the closest I got was a 404 error. Not sure if I can do it the way he describes on his github page without actually having reaper, or if I’d just have to change a few folders in his instructions.


You can just download the actual files on his releases page if you just need them loose. Those were the ones I wanted to try out as well!


Sweet, thanks man. I don’t use a lot of github, so I didn’t notice the release link on the right side, was looking at the top.


And a few more linked from the main ysfx page as recommendations:

This one is supposed to be a really good free eq kind of in the vein of fabfilter with fewer features. Not interesting to me because I own multiple EQs in the fabfilter price range.

This one doesn’t describe all the plugins, but it looks like quite a variety judging by names alone.


yo ! Hello! You can install reaplugs package and it will install reaper plugins on your pc. Then there is a plugin called ReaJS and it can load JSFX plugins (there is a bunch already preinstalled and you can put jsfx plugins in folders manually and they will work too). Yo! Thanks.


Free as of today for a “limited time”.


Until October 31st I think. Looks good, I’ll be giving it a try. I used to love a similar freebie from Acustica called Red EQ which was just 3 fixed bands and gain - it was the first stage in my mastering chain for years. This is the closest I’ve seen to that in a long time.


LA-2A Tube Compressor

Compressor by Universal Audio


Waves yearly free offerring for a limited while.||251669179||&


This is pretty sweet for a free EQ. Of note, this can process transients and sustained tones separately - which is something I paid $130 for 12 months ago to get in Eventide Split EQ. That’s just free now. It’s a tool you won’t need 95% of the time, but when it is what you need you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.


Nice one, I was thinking about buying Split EQ a while ago. Now I have to deal with Native Access or however it is called but better than paying 130 bucks :smile:


Native Access works pretty well. I have Komplete and it updates products rather easily/seamlessly.

I think there may have been recent problems with Mac OS but then again, all companies seem to have problems with Mac OS every time there’s a new one.


Augmented Strings Intro free for a limited time - haven’t checked it yet but downloaded…


Got this one free last year and not long after, Arturia sent me a $29 offer for the full version so I grabbed it. I haven’t toyed with it much but it does sound lovely.


That sounds great! Gonna try it out soon. Can’t have enough strings…



Download: PUMP (FREE using code “pumpfree” at checkout)


NI - Glaze


It’s not free per se, but I know a few of us already own Pigments and it just got an update to V5 that (as far as I can tell) is free if you already own it. Headline feature for me is increased CPU efficiency (seriously, there are some great sequencing features in Pigments I would love to use but I can’t have more than one instance in a real project). Oh also, you can now pipe audio from any channel in your DAW through Pigments via the utility engine (it comes into the signal path at the same place as an oscillator). The sequencer (best part of Pigments IMO) gets improved, plus new wavetables, samples, and presets.