Free plugins!


Wow, there are a few of those I’d love to bring elsewhere. Nice find!


Let me know if you figure out how to DL the Joep Vanlier plugins, I spent half an hour on it yesterday and the closest I got was a 404 error. Not sure if I can do it the way he describes on his github page without actually having reaper, or if I’d just have to change a few folders in his instructions.


You can just download the actual files on his releases page if you just need them loose. Those were the ones I wanted to try out as well!


Sweet, thanks man. I don’t use a lot of github, so I didn’t notice the release link on the right side, was looking at the top.


And a few more linked from the main ysfx page as recommendations:

This one is supposed to be a really good free eq kind of in the vein of fabfilter with fewer features. Not interesting to me because I own multiple EQs in the fabfilter price range.

This one doesn’t describe all the plugins, but it looks like quite a variety judging by names alone.


yo ! Hello! You can install reaplugs package and it will install reaper plugins on your pc. Then there is a plugin called ReaJS and it can load JSFX plugins (there is a bunch already preinstalled and you can put jsfx plugins in folders manually and they will work too). Yo! Thanks.


Free as of today for a “limited time”.


Until October 31st I think. Looks good, I’ll be giving it a try. I used to love a similar freebie from Acustica called Red EQ which was just 3 fixed bands and gain - it was the first stage in my mastering chain for years. This is the closest I’ve seen to that in a long time.