Free plugins!


Just discovered syndtsphere, looks like a fun thing to play with, will be downloading after work tonight.


Samplebrain : A custom sample mashing app designed by Aphex Twin.

(EDIT: Apoliogies…just noticed this was posted up elsewhere.) - You’ll find the link to the Gitlab page and can download it from there. It’s a standalone…not a VST… program that runs on both Windows, Mac and Linux.

“Samplebrain] chops samples up into a ‘brain’ of interconnected small sections called blocks which are connected into a network by similarity. It processes a target sample, chopping it up into blocks in the same way, and tries to match each block with one in it’s brain to play in realtime.”



TugGlicento is also worth checking out, if you are into making Glitch-style music or need to create your own interesting elements for a project/mix. It’s very similar to the various incarnations of Glitch from Illformed.

It’s offered for free…by entering “0”, but the maker suggests a donation of $2 It comes as 64-bit VST3 plugin and works on both Windows and Mac.


Looks cool, may give it a try.

I am partial to Glitch 1, although I do have Glitch 2 (for some reason I prefer the interface, which is more fun to me)


This one might be fun to play around with. No idea how it sounds yet, I’ll report back if/when I get to try it.


Oh that’s just great, after stuff like Midjourney and Stable Diffusion is starting to destroy everything from concept art to environment design, now sound deisgners are next lol…

Edit: Well, at least I can’t try it out to see how much better than human sound design it is, first my malware blocker doesn’t like it and then I get a 403 error…



Its a howler for loudness on channel strips - acustica have some great free plugins if you dont already own them.
Have a feeling slate digital will have a freebie coming up for BF…and a few others no doubt.

Play the game

Proper link for pump plugin…it gets everything LOUD


I’d expect Waves, for what that’s worth. I think I have a half dozen things from them on my account but nothing installed. Perhaps this will be the year I finally get L-2. I’ve seen it used very well a few places this year and may need it for my arsenal.


My chain ATM I’m still tinkering
Premaster diamond eq, elrey, snow ea
Master HWMC ivory5 fire clip l316


Prob nobody here needs yet another drum machine emulation, but it’s free for 10-ish more days!

I :heart: UVI


“This holiday season, we’re celebrating new beginnings with a selection of free gifts to refresh your creative process for 2023 and beyond. Until January 16, you can download our brand-new organic inspiration machine HYPHA for free”


Ltd time over xmas I believe


Direct Appoach vsts are now free :smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley:


JS Inflator Is A FREE Sonnox Inflator Clone


Free until April 16


Focusrite Midnight And Scarlett Plugin Suites Are Now FREE (Legacy)


I always go to Plugins4Free to find awesome free plugins and that’s where I found out about Analog Obsession plugins and they make one of the best ones.


Free until July 3


So I just found out about ysfx, which lets you host the native reaper plugins outside of reaper. This is interesting because there are some fantastic free plugins available in reaper.


Some Plugins:

This covers a wide range of use cases from VA and (I think) additive synths, filters, distortion, multiband, automated FX, and most interesting to me - Reflectosaurus, a node-based reverb/delay effect. Most of these look much better than your average free plugin too.

More plugins:

This set is more focused on analog mixing emulations (compressor, EQ, channel strips). I already have this kind of stuff, so I’m not terribly interested, but this is nice stuff to have if you don’t have something like this.