Free plugins!


Rift Feedback Lite By Minimal Audio Is FREE For A Limited Time



Very nice vst for programming drum patterns


I have RIFT. Good plugin BUT a fucking CPU hog.

I can basically not use it on any track where I already have lots of other plugins. If I had known, I would not have bought it. :frowning:


Rift is DAMN GOOD.

But, alas, CPU cycles…


Does anyone know plugins with really cool eq’s ? I will share 2 of mine. I sure i know they sound AMAZING. 1. Pedals by tonebytes and 2. is Pushtec (also amazing sound.). This 2 plugins has eq sound like nobody else.

Also ToneBoosters released all its old plugins for free. Check it !


My go-to free EQs are:

Pteq-x (I didn’t know this but all their plugins are free apparently) which is a really good copy of the Pultec style:

TDR SlickEQ, also for analog-style EQ

and TDR Nova, which is good for more precise digital EQ


TDR makes great plugs. i bought the GE versions of slickEQ and Kotelnikov. Highly recommend both.


Not sure if I / someone else already posted these, but…

ToneBoosters Legacy Bundle (Win / Mac)
Audio Damage Legacy Products
MeldaProduction MFreeFXBundle
Emercence (cool real-time granulator)
Cardinal (VCV VST Fork)
PlugData (Pure Data VST Fork)


A pleasant freebie. The “textures” are extremely limited though… I’m guessing they’re planning to launch a full version where one will be able to actually tweak or add textures, which would make it way more interesting.


Some good ones in there:

" To celebrate the introduction of the parent company, Soundwide will be giving away Native Instruments’ Ethereal Earth , iZotope’s Neutron Elements and Plugin Alliance and Brainworx’s six plug-in Welcome Bundle , which will be available for free. Get specific details for claiming all these products on both the Native Instruments and iZotope websites. Offer available from April 12, 2022 through April 26th, 2022."


The Brainworx and Plugin Alliance offerings are the gem here.

Copped them!


Yeah, that’s a pretty awesome collection for free… HG-2 is one of my fav saturation plugins and it wasn’t cheap when I got it…


I paid quite a bit for the UAD version of that Shadow Hills Bus Compressor, thats for sure. It’ll be nice to have a native option as well.


I mostly went for it to get blackbox. I already have Shadow Hills, don’t use it a lot but it has come in handy a few times. I might play around with Masterdesk too.

Thanks to @morphic for bringing this to my attention.


Analog Delay is offered for free in VST, AAX and AU formats from now until June 30, 2022. (price $19) plugin by PreSonus. Register for free here at Plugins Samples and get the plugin. Links:


Novation discontinued V-Station & B-Station now Freeware


Production Expert recently posted in one of their update/newsletters about the Roland Cloud instrument “Concerto”, which is a host instrument for ROMpler content hosted on Roland Cloud. It’s now been made available for free in AAX/VST/AU formats and loads and plays any of the 25 sample packs that are now also available for free on Roland Cloud.

More info here.



Roland Cloud: making music a ballache again.

I had to quit Roland Cloud, any time I needed it I didn’t have a wifi connection and i was boned.


It says in their support section the following…

“You have to be online to initially authenticate the instruments, but after that you have thirty days before you need to be online again.”

Maybe they’ve changed how they do things since you used the service last, idk…I haven’t used it myself yet, but will be giving it a try… it’s for free, so why not? :wink:

But yeah, if it’s as you said, the screw that! That’s worse than iLok!


Yep to online reliant and tbh … Well not really necessary unfortunately.
So many other options but I do like some of their offerings and if they did perpetual with a reasonable pricing structure or splice then maybe…but the subscription to get 1 perpetual is way too much imho.
That being said I’m happy with my HW; JD800, JV1080 x0xb0x and other vst emus.
Likely get the recent Beringer devil tb and can see phoscyon 2 is now out :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: