Free plugins!


I’m mostly focusing my modular activity on Bitwig and Unreal, but that feature matrix is awesome!



Yesterday I discovered that one of my favorite free plugin sites is no longer working.


Blacksun is FREE until the 1st of December 2021



Great recommendation! The 3 stomps, FX rack and IR loader look like a versatile bunch for $0.


I see AudioPlugin Deals is currently offering Aquamarine Lite by MUZE for FREE. You’ve only got 5 days left to grab this if you’re interested…it usually sells for around 40usd.

This is a really good pad machine and even though it’s labelled as ‘lite’, it comes with over 3000 samples and will take up 7 GB of you drive…but, trust me, it’s well worth it.

I have the full version myself and it’s everything this is but way more. This is a good chance to get a solid version of this program for free and if you like it, you can always get the full version later… though I think you’ll find what you get with this enough to keep you going on the pad front for a while.

The only thing is it requires the full version of Kontakt 5.8 or later to run.


Heavy omnisphere look


Full Bucket has some recent updates


Free until Nov 24


If anyone’s interested this years Waves surprise to discover your reward for their eternal marketing and never ending sale…




100% Royalty-Free. Only until Jan 1!


Damn, this is a nice grab…especially if the quality is anything like their plug ins


All plugins by BlueLab seem to be free now - I never heard of the developer before but found the info on KVR earlier. I tried out some plugins and the stuff seems to be mostly simple but cool, they have lots of visualization stuff and even a denoiser:


Definitely some stuff there I will be checking out. I’m interested in Infra, Ghost, and Wav3s.

Some of that stuff (especially Rebalance) looks like features out of Ozone Advanced, which I just paid good money for. And Wav3s looks like the one thing I really want out of Insight, which I haven’t brought myself to pay for just yet.


I see this was mentioned in the OP. I just found out about it today and it seems really capable. I can’t believe some things (like this) are even freeware at all.

Edit: I’ve been playing with this for hours now and the amount of depth is stunning. This one is a serious semimodular, for any of you who are into that side of things.


OMG Nice info !!! Thanks


FREE EQ with Stereo, mid or side processing on each band.


Free until the end of the year. Feature set sounds like it’s going after something like RC-20 Retrocolor.


Acustica Audio Eminence


Cant see this site has been previously posted whole host of free goodies.
Also hosts Audiogridder if people are interested (external vst host to your daw) or server vst hosting - great for shadowing resources ie cpu in most cases.


I love stuff like this. Usually serves as a good workaround if a plugin is crashing your daw, too