First Look at Massive X - Review


Hi everyone!
I got my hands on an early release of Massive X and prepared this review. I’d love to hear what you think!


Nice man, I really fucking like the routing workflow. I was hesitant to pick this up as I burned out on Massive a couple years ago, but I might have to try this out.

Thanks for posting!


My pleasure! Yeah that routing section is killer.


Nice video. To my ears the overall sound of the instrument is surprisingly bland throughout, though. Having extreme routing options is meaningless if the overall sound of the instrument is plain boring.


If you’re judging by the sounds in the video, I kept everything very basic for the sake of clarity. Personally, after dialing through some presets, I think it can make a pretty diverse array of sounds. And with that much capability, anyone with decent programming skills should be able to get interesting sounds out of it.


That’s the case for just about any synth, though, let alone stuff for 200 bucks ^^


Very true! I couldn’t agree more. If you give any synth to a good programmer, they’ll make great sounds with it. And if you stack Massive X up against any other synth with a similar level of features/parameters, they’ll all produce a wide array of great sounds in the right hands.

If you know what you’re doing, choosing between wavetable synths isn’t as much about sound quality, as it is about specific capabilities. For example, Massive X’s unison only goes up to 6 voices. So if you like huge 10+ voice unison sounds, this wouldn’t be right for you, all because of that one parameter limitation. Whereas, if you love to incorporate FM into your wavetable-based sounds, this is a great choice.


Yeah, the FM/PM options are really cool for a wavetable synth! I really like that you can route anything to the 3rd Aux operator. Since I was testing Phase Plant a few days ago and I’m getting friendly with the BW Grid now, these options still seem a bit limited in terms of operator count, but it has an edge over other dedicated wavetable synths afaik.


A good musician/programmer can make almost any instrument sound good. I agree:)

To me it actually sounds like the designers on this project have favoured sounds and effects that are easy to control for beginner level players/programmers (which is also the biggest market for it).

That’s what I was thinking while watching the video anyway.

In any case:

The downside to “playing it safe”, by limiting the user’s access to harsh or noisy extreme settings, is that the overall sound ends up being anonymous.

Whether that’s what happened to the Massive X, - is of course wholly subjective.


Saying: “Check out my Massive X”, sounds like I’m talking about a seriously out of shape former girlfriend.