First Look at Massive X - Review


Fuck yeah.

Even Behringer (not clones) these days has really brought it back from the shit they were tossing back in 06’. The Deepmind is way affordable and a crazy good hardware synth for the value.

Really have started to come around on them. I have one of their mixers and it’s quite a step up from their old stuff. Not sure what changed but it’s good to see them get some more cred in the hardware game.

I never used Maschine, was it worth the hype? I’ve used lots of NI softsynths but never any hardware. I still do have a soft spot for Absynth though. It’s fun.


I’ve always had a weird relationship with MIDI controllers or stuff like Push and Maschine. I mostly just used the Maschine software and never got on with the controller. The integration even in the first version was very smooth, much higher resolution than MIDI. So, Yes? It’s one of those weird ones where I didn’t get much use out of it, but having owned it I think a lot of people would like it. Just not for me. At this point I’d rather just have hardware (or software).

Between Maschine, Overbridge with Elektron and now audio over USB with the TR8S I can safely say that hybrid stuff like this is not for me.

+1 for Absynth. Its a bit dated for the price point, but if I could ever snag a cheap/free serial I’d defo put that horse back in my stable.