February Album Writing Month 2020


FAWM 2020 Nutshell Rules

  1. You can start now.
  2. Goal is 4-5 Track EP
  3. Feel free to share stuff and comment along the way.
  4. At the end of the month anyone who submits a a playlist will get it posted to the edited OP here.

Now. Jump in loser and lets go synthesizerin’!


Who all is up for FAWM 2020? And suggestions on how we go about things this year? The original project calls for folks to try and write 14 songs in 28 days (they don’t have to be finished, it is more about getting rough, but complete ideas down).

In the past we’ve let people kind of set their own goals. Or maybe we can all agree on a single challenge. I’d be up for attempting the original challenge (though a lot of folks who participated on IDMf in the past claim it doesn’t really work for electronic music). We’ve also said a 4-5 track EP as the communal goal in the past.


I promised Auto an EP. Imma deliver in Feb and I will put down my OCD so it gets delivered.

I’ll fawm it. Can’t compare to previous years as I’ve not once ever joined in this.

No braincells were hurt in the making of this post. Lol such lies, I’ve got beer, fuck braincells.


We’ve mostly done things loosey goosey style. No braincells required, though beer may help! My preference personally would be to get an EP down. So that’d work for me. ~4 tracks?


3-4. For many peeps that maybe keeps it in an easier range if they got other stuff going on. If more tracks drop onto it, bonus.


I don’t know who else might pop in here, but that sounds good to me. For myself, I’m going to try and record some jam videos as well.


You already have 3/4 tracks ready, finished and sounding much better than lots of stuff in the same genre I bought in the 2000s.
I’d expect 6/8 tracks from you and I volunteer my ears!!!


I’d love to try this, starting a new job on the 3rd so not sure about the time


As I’ve told people in the past: just go for it. What is the worst that will happen? You won’t finish. No big deal, that is most of us most of the time with our music hobby. Take the month and see if can squeeze a few ideas out. February in the UK can’t be any nicer than it is in the Midwest weather wise, what do you have better to do?


Working on a videogame, playing video games.
Mostly spending my free time working on one, that’s what’s mostly getting in the way of musicing.


Fair : )


To be fair though, I keep complaining I should take a break to do more musicing


I’m always happy to be the FAWM cheer leader if you decide to join Roo (?) and I.


I’ll play. Life is sweet at the moment so nothing could go wrong… unless I forget another thing I signed up for :sweat_smile:


It looks like we are all agreeing it’ll be more of an EP writing month. Glad to have you on board. If you forget, no worries : )


I have a week between jobs so even though technically it’s still January I might start then.
I also have 3/4 tracks that need polishing so I might just do that too


I’ve got that ‘thing’ to do with the ‘things’ you sent. I got distracted with blip drums then messing around with a track based on them (the one in LB atm). Going into the weekend I’ll hopefully get to work on it. Worth mentioning though that the Blip Drumkit was partly done with the ‘thing’ in mind :smiley:


@Auto-meh-geddon honestly I’ve been working on a song the last two days that is going into my FAWM lol. Right in the middle of FAWM I’ll be collecting my first set of essays to grade so that’ll zap a week or so from my official time.

@Roo_Stercogburn got’dang sexy blip drums…


I too have a few projects already started that will lag over into Feb. And then my current idea is to run over a few old tracks and see if they can be rebooted or rewritten with what I’m currently thinking. May waste some time there but I feel if the instruments translate, I don’t have to make or find as much stuff to keep them going. Just some rewrites and arranging.

I look forward to hearing what everyone comes up at whatever track #'s they get through. It just may be more focused listening after the actual month has ended.

Also, a suggestion or question…Is it possible to activate/deactivate a sub-forum during repeating projects? Like is the forum capable or opening and privating a sub forum “seasonally”? May be just me, if possible that is, but it might be neat to see post from a quarter year ago be reactivated when the next one comes around, or yearly, if it were to stay in the FAWM zone. Some nostalgia.


Out of everyone here chatting, I personally would love to hear even rough thoughts from your endeavors, most. Even if you were only avoiding poops at home to get some quick thoughts out.

Seriously. Find you some drums. Add in some tried and true processing, whether that’s individual layers or mix effects. Play a few pads and get cooking, bud.

I know I’d at least love to see a prod video of you making something, even if it is outside a DAW, since you’re hardware-based, mostly or all.

Some of your old stuff is my favorite. I think I bought your CD from the last Chimera label release. Still love it.