February Album Writing Month 2020


Thanks, you’ll be happy to hear that the track currently titled FAWM 1 sounds like an out take from Crunch/Grind Mechanism.


Damn. Ya’ll got me riled up and cranking tracks…


Classic Auto sounds? Dig!


ill participate in fawm…gotta bug to do something dnb/neurofunk influenced…but with odd grooves…

gonna try to make an ep (4-5 tracks) out of it…

i think i may have one track already…


And here’s my first FAWM track, typical Automageddon Crunch/Grind Mechanism track, it could have been an out take from that release.
New version with a different bassline.

@bbb hope you like it.


As we all seem to be doing some tracks to compliment something we’re already working on, or a track that’s done, I guess I’ll join in.


Typically most people just use FAWM as a reason to get their ass in gear and finish/start some stuff.


Also, this FAWM, I’m down for people just posting stuff as we go. I don’t mind collecting stuff into the OP later if everyone is willing to at least organize their own music into a playlist.

BTW, apparently I’m doing some pretty straight out Techno for FAWM. Guess it is kinda the perfect music for winter.


Anyway, here is my latest. Sorry, I’m doing private links b/c I want to put some of these out on BC. Long acid work out done with Model: Samples, Mono Station and Ruismaker Troublemaker (303) on iPad. I want to keep it this long if possible and as minimal as possible, but this probably still needs another element or more change ups.


this is already in the lb but ill lump it in with fawm cuz its close to dnb:


@bfk I like the static-y breakbeats. Not to this extent, but I’ve been into some highly distorted and noisy sounds myself lately. Composition wise I think this is working well. It kept my interest the whole time. I think you could risk a little more low end generally speaking. I dig it though.


@Auto-meh-geddon Woof! I’m digging those kind of reversed, resonant and deep sounds. They come in around :35 seconds. That icy, metallic hat/perc really grounds the track well. It holds everything together nicely. I’m going for pretty minimal stuff myself right now. I think these could use 1 or 2 other subtle elements. Or if there is a lot of background atmosphere already I’m not hearing it on my bluetooth speaker tower.


The track I’ve been working on has met with approval. Will continue to finish it and I need to revisit the previous 2 tracks to check their status but it looks like Auto and I will have an EP to release in Feb. S’pose we’d better think about a title and some art.


It’s a really nice track, lovely bassline which really drives it forward. My main concern is the length, as I was just listening and not dancing, you lost me around 4/5 minutes.


Really dig the first one, especially that pad.
Congrats on those glitches, really delicious.


Yes. I may just have to accept a shorter time on the track. Im having the same experience sitting and listening. Thanks for the listen :slight_smile:


@relic Tweek those filters man, and make that 303 scream!


Although this is in the listening booth I’ll pop it here, as it’s my jumping off point. The theme of what I’m going to do is Neo Tokyo, so expect oriental twists.


You certainly nailed the oriental feel, really nice tune.
Are you planning some vocals?


Thanks man. Not sure about vocals. I’m not really planning to do any, but you never know.