Experimental Madness


Here’s one from back in the day


LMAO Captain beefheart! Those dudes used to light my world up! So much odd joy to be found in their writing styles!

Solid noise jam! Thanks for sharing


Don’t know if you guys know about these cats, but they are one of my fav:

and one of the godfathers of noise/advante garde, experiential electronic music, mr john cage:


I suspected you might be a fan… you are definately a kindred spirit.

Long ago (When that particular Beefheart album was relatively new) a bandmate handed me that album and said “… I can barely recognize this as music… but there is something going on here.” After Listening one time through I was very attracted to the energy, the freedom and the poetry. I became a huge fan.


I have to admit. You know when you’re the bomb when you use one of those cigarette holders to smoke your shit.