Experimental Madness


Right. And in Art Music and popcul music, those efforts and exploits happened decades ago. I understood this in '96 when studying Twen-cen music, and have since used the [neutral] term ‘exploratory’. I recommend ya all do as well - DO IT NOW MOVE.

Then dig this:


and “experimental” is no more than a tag now; anything with some feedback guitar is going to be tagged experimental.
Check the title, though : “madness” is the game changer here. experimental madness, BRUH

to whomever posted Mr Bungle


i will continue to use the term ‘experimental’, but thanks for your opinion




haha the isolation makes for very experimental projects. A friend of mine made this :
he played saxophone over pre-recorded solos of drummers like elvin jones or zack hill. The loneliness is aching


wow some of those collabs are insane! f’n zach hill and elvin jones!

so many people fell in love with zach due to:



Cross breed between a fe genre:



just intonation tonedeaf jams. Probably created in times of pain and hopelessness


This! Just this…

and maybe a bit of this… only because my mans plays this in Fminor…