Experimental Madness

What do you guys who like experimental music think of this new peice?

Listen to The Psychic Staring Effect Vol 2 by BLEEP BLOOP #np on #SoundCloud

Is this a misplaced LB track?

Lol. Not at all. With 3.7k plays I wouldn’t need advice :laughing:

can only hope that with the support of the community I can get to 3k plays in a 2days! :wink:

I can always count on @TvMcC to reach into both my ears and stretch my brain :brain:… ouch!

I’m about midway into this and so far I’d say it has “shining moments and questionable minutes…” it feels like an endless intro into tiny examples of knob twiddling and mixing prowess. Any three seconds of this is a good start for something… something else…

Still listening… still waiting… for something to happen that can tie this up into a “composition.”

Still… hunh? It’s over?


IKR! To be honest first time I heard it I thought wow it must be nice to have 70k followers who loyal say thats cool, even when it’s just a big jam session!

But then I rethought this out, and realized it’s pretty brilliant. Well some of the production techniques aver to me at least.

Don’t think he was going for the traditional composition with this one. Think he was doing more like a long running track. Some of my fav. bands have done this for ages.

here’s a few examples:

just 2 examples that come to mind right away.

@1roomstudio did you enjoy it?

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Agreed… the quality and creativity of the production techniques is what kept me hanging on… as I said “…any three seconds…” :grin:

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Also agreed… I have no problem with Open Form Composition… (in fact it’s one of my favorites!) but this piece … to my ears and the wiring in my brain… was less Open Form and more a show room with everything thrown on floor for display… kinda of “… Everythin MUST GO!!!” Hype.

I’ll take listen to the examples next. :ear::ear:

Haha too true.

Maybe he wasn’t thinking along the same lines I want to give him a bit of credit for attempting, but hey in all of our own perfect worlds we hear what we want, and disregard the rest. Or something like that haha

Really enjoy hearing your perspective on this. Cheers

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Too true…I like to say “Reality is one thing… but perception is everything.”

Listening to Super Shine… it’s a set of variations… easy to follow the line running through it… very rich, complex, good energy, nice build, I especially like the overlapping voices, excellent counterpoint!.

Love the Rock Concert ending! feedback energy release … walk away while the machines die down. Nice! :sunglasses:

Japanese noise metal, experimental and advante garde artist love counter point! Haha. Super shine has a pretty linear build, as per some of their material sits in the pocket for way too long, well imo.

I also rather enjoy when the noise, wash out, or other naturally elements keep capture while recording. :blush: Especially when it comes to rock! Well Jazz to…uhh man anything’s nice to me when I get to hear noise! Haha

Wow… I’m such a huge fan of Coltrane… these cats obviously get Coltrane. That’s such an amazing performance and example of the venerable Jazz form of opening with a Head (in this case with an Intro using the cymbals… cool way to extend the form!) …with a loooonnng jam based on the sonority of the Head… and the jam is AMAZING! then end with just enough of the opening to give it “Bookends” Way Cool!

Thank you so much for sharing this piece!

Now… as far as this comparing in form to the piece from Bleep Bloop… hmmmm … I hear the slimmest of connections… which is to say that the Bleep has the loosest form of all three pieces, and the other two (Variations on a Theme, and Head/Jam) are intentionally loose.

Did I enjoy it? Super Shine, yes… Ohnedaruth , most definately… Psychic Staring Effect? … Well not so much… I like the Title better than the piece… but maybe I’m stuck in the 70’s?

It’s been a pleasure! :sunglasses:

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hilarious! :laughing:

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Things that make you go hmmmm…:thinking:

Radiance is a good example of how rhythm can organize noise… the brain :brain: wants it all to make sense and literally rationalizes the juxtaposition of one with the other.

The two pieces by Kepla have a clear sense of space… not much else.

Black Sabbatical has an interesting development… if you can hang long enough to hear it!

The thanzzz fits the “why not” catagory… but even so… why 4 minutes? Thank goodness it’s an “excerpt!”

I enjoy experimental music and I have a high tolerance for noise… but these remind me a little bit of “refrigerator door art.” Just sayin’ :sunglasses:

lmao :laughing:


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A bunch of cool cats from Paris got together and made this


What a trip! I liked the energy… and the way there was some harmonic wall in the background that tied it alll together … the break really helped go somewhere compositionally, but it was a bit of let down in and of itself.

Its the mega ending to the big encore at a Rock Concert… turned on its head… cool :sunglasses: It also reminds me a bit of the din on a big construction site when the momentum of hundreds of workers and their equipment is raging…ENERGY!!!

Thank you for sharing.

Love love love :heart: the Animal Spirits! The juxtaposition of a strong synth patch against the live instruments and their “animal voices” was very effective… theses cats new what they were doing! Nice video too…

The live set was pretty intense… I bet it was exhilarating to be there.

The AI music … nice … definately meditative… clean sounds too.

Thank you :ghost:

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