Evelon here. I'm new and I'm also back (since 2006 or so). Long time!


Get your old avatar back, so I can put a face to that name (which I know).




i was just asking about you the other day in the sound design thread :smiley: and now i stumbled across this.
you still visiting? people are really struggling to figure out how to make sounds without you! i managed a sawtooth with a LP filter on it, but i dont know what to do from there!?!?

hope everything is good with you and your family <3


Still waiting for that avatar…


Yea @Evelon come back…I’ve been trying to fill the void you left but honestly I’m so not you…


Hey Evelon :cat2:



There should be some law that states dumb shit from 20 years ago will indeed be funny again soon enough


Hi Evelon. Long time no see. Just found this place again.



Hi Evelon…you were truly missed. It’s been a month since you last posted…hope we haven’t lost you yet again, dude. :rofl:

Glad to read you’ve joined the OMAD crew…started around the same time as yourself, as it so happens, in combo with Keto…haven’t looked back and feeling a hell of a lot better for it. :+1:


Ok. I forgot my password so I couldn’t get in here, and at the same time I got into a tsunami of work (I work in healthcare with people with special needs, and as soon staff caugh/sneeze they have to go home [basically] which means we are running low of people). So I’ve been working my ass off during this weird time in history. Seen people (in the risk zone) being sent off to hospital, where they later ended up dying.
I’ve managed to avoid the virus though, I think. Thankfully.
It’s a fucked up time we are living in. Can’t wait for it to plane out a bit, even though we are not quarantined here in Sweden (we have pretty loose rules and only have social distancing).

Ok. Let’s just leave it at that.

I’m glad you liked the samples. @Lug: Only a few of them have some slight compression (Soundevice Digital Royal Compressor). I really like the swedish mics. They have flat sound and work great on acoustic guitar, piano and even overheads.
All sounds are M/S EQed though (ApQualizr2). That’s basically it. :slight_smile: Oh, and some slight RX7 cleaning.

I will try to dig up some old avatars. That would be kinda funny.


Sorry to read that, E…I guess life for you is a whole lot different compared to most of us on here. Dealing with this shit day in - day out…as opposed to merely just reading about it or seeing it on our screens. My apologies…I didn’t realize you might be in the thick of it…didn’t mean to be flippant. :neutral_face:


No problem. :slight_smile: I was just getting back to doing sound design, nerdery and having fun - and then I got thrown into this Corona thing where I need to do my part in order to “get back to where we were before”. On the bright side, at least I get better salury and can spend it on cool shit/gear. :smile:


when shit hits the fan sound design has always been there for me :slight_smile: we can create any world we like in there <3


Hello there!