Evelon here. I'm new and I'm also back (since 2006 or so). Long time!


Get your old avatar back, so I can put a face to that name (which I know).




i was just asking about you the other day in the sound design thread :smiley: and now i stumbled across this.
you still visiting? people are really struggling to figure out how to make sounds without you! i managed a sawtooth with a LP filter on it, but i dont know what to do from there!?!?

hope everything is good with you and your family <3


Still waiting for that avatar…


Yea @Evelon come back…I’ve been trying to fill the void you left but honestly I’m so not you…


Hey Evelon :cat2:



There should be some law that states dumb shit from 20 years ago will indeed be funny again soon enough


Hi Evelon. Long time no see. Just found this place again.