Evelon here. I'm new and I'm also back (since 2006 or so). Long time!


What’s up?! I guess to most people I’m new but to some I’m the same old Evelon who used to post 20k+ posts before it all went to shits (two major wipes iirc). Still into music and sounds, but the style/genre focus might have changed a bit since back then. I’ve since studied three years on university (songwriting, music theory and music production).
So the IDMf is up to 58? Imagine that! Good job!
Can’t wait to hear everything I’ve missed.
Bye for now.


welcome back…you left a big void knowledgewise…tbh


Don’t play with my emotions, sir.


Good to have you back :slight_smile:


Never heard of you…


I remember you

Also just boarded the board

Welcome back !


Welcome back! And the label is actually up to 61 :wink:

Good to see more returning faces!


I 'member.


Hey Evelon, glad you found your way here.


howdy partner.


Welcome back, great to see you again around these parts!


So good to see so many familiar faces…I mean names.
So what did I miss?! haha.


Benwaa left and the server died. We realized the only back up we had access to was from 2016 or something so we started over. Stu is still behind the scenes, behind the curtain, and our patron. He agreed to switch us over to this software which I think has been a boon. We are really still in the infant stages of rebuilding, But there is a good core set of people here.


Woah. Seems like time has been standing still since the BenWaa fukup then. :smiley:
I guess it’s like coming home then, except someone put up slightly different wallpapers.


So what’s been up with you since you’ve been away? How’s the family and all that real life stuff?


I joined a band (SIR REG), released an album with them and went on tour with The Misfit. But having two young kids (born pretty close together) was tough, so I quit the band and took a regular job to support the family and spend more time with them. It was a stressful job and coming home to demanding young kids wasn’t easy, so I got a stress-related illness and was recovering for 8 months. During this time I asked myself wtf I was doing, and figured I’d go back to my love of music, and studying music. So I went to study songwriting, music theory and music production at University for three years. It was awesome and I made some great contacts. Now I’m working part time at a “regular job” and part time doing music related stuff (mixing, mastering, sound design, TV- and film music, etc).

Lately I’ve been getting into fasting and eating healthier (I’ve always been a candy lover). Started fasting in december and have now been doing OMAD (One Meal a Day) for the last two and a half months. Pretty much taking out the carbs and introduced fats instead (as energy). I’ve lost about 10kg/22lbs. Feels great. It’s also cheaper. :slight_smile:
So I think I’m on the right track.

How about you? Long time no see/hear.


I think you left around this time


Haha. damn. My mind is a blur (effect of stress maybe?). It feels like a lifetime since I left this place.


lol, you left IDMF to study songwriting.



Don’t take this poorly or as a method of brown-nosing, but…

I don’t know when you left, but I will say(just like mentioned by @bfk) you did leave a random knowledge void. Like questions I would have never asked or answered; they were by you. Like you could and would decypher many sounds and questions with an actual truth to put people in the right direction, even at an amateur level.

I’ll iterate that you were definitely a random knowledge machine based off the information you gave back in the day. Whether or not you fully know that your answers have and had helped many of us, even if we only liked something you posted since we didn’t even know we needed to ask that ? or what to ask to begin with.

@Evelon I’m personally excited you’re back and if you were focusing a music career. I’d say if you’re aspring to YT, I’d definitely sub as many more of us would as well. Your knowledge would be fun to see and read. Fun times watching some of your past videos too. Like the Spring reverb you handled with gloves. =D

Welcome back, my dude. You do you.