Evelon here. I'm new and I'm also back (since 2006 or so). Long time!


Pretty sure you’ll nail it standing on one hand with the other tied behind your back. Not that you should do it that way of course :smiley:


Haha! Gotta find the balance between commercialism and the obscure. Well, I’m a dynamic kinda guy. Studying form, symmetry, composition, etc makes your brain itch for that good 'ole random and/or generative Autechre music (and in a way, vice versa). :smile:


Btw, how tf do I quote someone? Was the quote button removed, or is it because I’m noob?


Highlight the text in the post you want to quote, then just ‘reply’. The quoted text will be automatically pasted in.


Holy crap! Thank you! That means a lot! :heart:
I think I know even know more now. :slight_smile: And I might even have a YouTube channel, but I haven’t uploaded in a while. The latest one was this, which was supposed to be like a teaser video for a longer video I was going to do:

Edit: Oh, I’m noob so I can’t post working links yet (Fixed by a mega mod of Doom)


Give this man links. :star_struck:


If you were to side-chain a YT to your events here, I’d be interested. No lie. Welcome back, bud.


Next thing you know, Shotguns, Benwaa and Tode return…


Ha! I didn’t know how to quote either until I caught up on your thread, now I do. Auto should ban me from the team. Worst admin ever right here, lol.

Haven’t been up to near as much as you it seems. Mainly work and raising kids. Making music when I can as time permits. You know, life and stuff.

It’s super good to have you back though man. As evidenced by your thread here the community unanimously agrees.


Yooo Evelon … “Waiting for Rain” right? That track was my utter jam back then. Good to see you again. I’m also just logging on for the first time in years.


That is awesome! I have them in my general rotation of irish punk stuff to listen to. :slight_smile: that sounds like a cool thing to have been a part of. What did you play in the band?


Hi Evelon, Good to see you back. Are you still using Jeskola Buzz at all?


Evelon wow ! It’s great to see you back. I actually discovered that rubber ball video a couple of months ago because I was thinking about your spring reverb experiment video and I went to your YT channel.
I hope your new balance between music and part-time employment fits you fine (the kids growing up also probably free up some time).
Just generally excited to hear from you.