Drum synth, mad beatmaking production tips

Hello there folks.
I am into the sort of mad, frenzy beatmaking like venetian snares, datachi, dev/null and so forth.
I’d really appreciate if you guys could point me to where I can find sequencers, drum synths and all, that actually these guys might be using. Something similar would be great you know.
I am a bit lost.
Please help me.
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Not exactly what you’re asking for, but this might point you in the right direction: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MWMuJH3Fi80 - working with drum breaks, chopping them, pitching them up and down, rearranging them, timestretching them, etc.

you have a lot of options, renoise, any standard daw such as ableton, fl studio, or others

it really is just sequencing at high tempos i.e 300+bpm to make it easier to subdivide, with the quantization turned off, playing around with ticks per beat( a feature in renoise) etc… and layering a 4/4 beat sounding over another beat such as something that sounds like its in 11/8 or any other time signature just make sure it subdivides evenly otherwise the beats will sound off

also this:


I would suggest to look into Renoise.


Nice one… Thanks a lot

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A lot of it is just chopped up breaks, but I won’t pass up the option to post the greatest product demo/endoresement ever.

Apart from that, tracker interfaces for sequencing stuff like this is great. Renoise, or they also make a VST that you can load inside another DAW if you’d prefer - Redux, if I recall, not to be confused with the Ableton plugin.


That’s awesome. Unfortunately I am not using modular yet. I will look into Renoise Redux. Sounds great.
Thanks for the attention

just FYI, “Renoise Redux” is a plugin / VST version of the Sampler section of the Renoise program. Renoise itself is a full featured DAW, but uses the Tracker approach to sequencing. Redux is a great solution for people using a different daw, such as ableton, but who still want access to the excellent sampler from Renoise. It contains the sampler, modulation sets, fx chains and (tracker-style) phrases. But if you’re looking to use Renoise as your whole DAW for music production, you’ll need Renoise itself, not the Redux plugin.

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Thanks for your time.
I mean. I am using Ableton Live wit Push 1 and tons of samples. Do you think I need to get another DAW like Renoise in order to beat mashing the whole lot of my breaks?
Anyways, I will look into Redux VST and see what I can come up with.

Look into automating the parameters for Ableton Live beat Repeat effects, it can pretty much glitch up anything.
Live is pretty much capable of anything that Renoise does, just in a different way.
Something else you can do in Live, drop an audio clip in arrangement view, chop it into very small segments, like 64th then duplicate them so they repeat very quickly (or even off grid if you want) rep itch each repetition individually and design your glitches by hand, this will give you total granular control, in a similar way to what you can achieve with Renoise.

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Yeah. I think I just need to spend more time arranging my beats. I am also into generative sort of art so normally I just program my betas and let them go loose you know without interve, relying on the software algorithm.
Another thing I really need to expand my arcenal is drum synth. I dont have enough arms to play around with. Can you please point me the way?
I really appreciate your time.

Ableton Live can do this too, but you can add a Beat Repeat to your generative drums for extra glitchy fun.

I really like Sonic Charge Microtonic (Sonic Charge - Microtonic) or Waldorf Attack vst.
Microtonic has a nice online pattern generator, so you can also hear how it sounds and if you like it, copy and paste it in Microtonic.
Sonic Charge - Patternarium

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Hey, nice one…I will look into that. In the meantime, some tips about Ableton Live drum synth would be great.

Honestly most DAWs are capable of doing what you want. ReNoise in my opinion is not for beginners… trackers are pretty nuts. Highly capable, but unless you have an idea of what you’re doing behind the scenes with the theory, you’ll be creating baseless noise. I’ve studied a lot of Vsnares, he actually influenced me to first start creating music, and I worked really hard to emulate his style. He uses a ReNoise predominately and sometimes makes up entirely weird time signatures to write in, like 11/7, and 18/4 and shit.

I personally ended up going with the basics first, and building up how glitches and sequencing worked on the back end first… using FL studio, and eventually it stuck with me. Like other people have mentioned, a lot of what they do can be accomplished by grid based sampling with pitch and other effects in your toolbox.

Here’s a track I made quite a few years ago, and while not in the psycho league of Vsnares or other artists, still demonstrates some decent breakcore within a 4/4 time sig. All of this was just in standard FL studio, fairly straight forward.


This is a way old and irrelevant answer, consider checking this guide for deeo understanding on audio compression

A large majority of Venetian Snares tracks are in 7/8 if that helps get your timing correct

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Nice one. I got the gist of it. Wicked track by the way. I think I need to spend more time messing around with the beats. I haven’t got too much gear so most of the time i rely on downloaded samples. That’s not an excuse to be lazy. I like generative beats and melodies so that’s probably why I leave the beats without further tweaking.
Here it is an example of my recent work


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Lot of really cool shit in there bro! Gives me xanopticon vibes :slight_smile:

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I like this one, tho I’m not sure this is exactly how the Prodigy did it…:

Wicked. I am glad you like it. I am working on a new album. I am actually finishing up.
I like the tune you have posted. Proper Vsnares beat making.
Keep it on.

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