Drum synth, mad beatmaking production tips


Being a prodigy fan I think it’s wicked


I use and really like Tremor. I use it more for techno type stuff atm but it is an 8 voice/part drum synth, you can do whatever you want with it if you put in the time. Also the sequencer is great, especially the ability to create polyrhythms. if you want a good sample based drum VST Geist2 is also pretty sweet, with an even better sequencer. But you need your samples sorted. Neither will get you to VS type stuff alone but it is what I ended up starting with and stuck with over the last few years.


Hey, nice one. I will have a look at it. But I think it’s a lot easier to mess around with them rather than using Ableton Live drum rack.
Thanks a lot for the tip.


I highly recommend Reaktor. Easy to build your own drum synths and glitch modules, but there are thousands available for free if you don’t want to dig into the guts of Reaktor right away. Some are just simple sound modules, some have full sequencers, mixers and fx. It’s basically the only plugin you’ll ever need for anything short of mixing plugins


Can this type ov music be performed live without relying on a computer too much?


If doing this live you would probably need to combine hardware and software


I have seen Venetian Snares play standard Cdj. the thing is what he puts in those cds. When he performs with Daniel Lanois he puts a little bit more into it. I think it’s a bit hard to keep it tide playing live so they probably keep it simple.


One thing I like to do is to is make some drums by hand but try and make it glitchy and mangle it abit, add fx, go mad with beat mangle or live cut or something maybe turn on and off some fx and just record using resample. Then once you’ve got an interesting take of drums then load that take into abletons simpler and change to slice mode. Mess with the sensitivity a little and then you can just draw midi notes in and gives you a tone of control. Whats great is you can save/reuse for future tunes


Also another little cool thing I’ve found is in ableton useing the DJ cross fader to switch between your drum track or buss and a channel playing fx or glitches or whatever you want. So you would do this by lets say you had a glitchy drum break, you would assign that to A and then your glitches/fx would be assigned to B
(this is easier and more fun if you have a controller like the acp40 mk2) This is cool because your drums duck when there is fx and its super clean. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=586mKaxKMjs here is a link that is a basic idea of what I’m on about.


If you want an ACTUAL drum synth, there is one called “Nord Drum”. There are three versions of it. Some people enjoy hooking them up to sequencers and having a ball with them (the Nord Drum 2 is quite sought after for peoples with modulars). Anyway, I mostly recommend them for sound design. You can come up with some pretty gnarly sounds.

I like to come up with a few different sounds, sample them into my Digitakt and then mangle them. If you like Aphex Twin or stuff like that. You can get a lot of sounds that you’d imagine him or the like using.Take those synth-created samples and mix them with more organic samples (actual drum samples like the amen break) and you can get some amazing textures.

Also, if you make a loop then record a few versions of it with different effects on each loop, then cut them up and randomly (or meticulously) place pieces of the loop into the dry version, you’ll get some really interesting results. (a distorted loop, a heavy reverb loop, etc.)


Nord Drum mkii is amazing.