Drum and Bass/Jungle Challenge #1


Ok. So, I won’t lie, I am totally stealing this idea from another community. If i have two challenges to submit to I’m likely to finish this time. For the first challenge let us keep things really simple. I know I bailed on my own challenge last time, but I’m 100% sober now and working on creating a better lifestyle for myself. I’ve been craving making music like I haven’t in a long time and have time on my hands until fall 2023.

  1. Make a tune in the realm of Drum and Bass or Jungle.
  2. Post it here by April 7th in your own time zone.
  3. We will all listen to them and big up each other for a job well done. Comments and positive criticism welcome.
  4. I’d rather hear interesting ideas than full polished tracks. If we get enough submissions we can polish them up and post it as a collab EP to Member Releases. I’ll volunteer to make a Soundcloud or Bandcamp page for the project so it can all be nice and tidy.

In the future we can do themes and caveats to the challenges.


Ive got a solid, solid start on my track. Ill post it even if no one else joins up : )


I will try to participate in this!


Just bumping this really, but…

Let’s not post WIPs here. If you are participating, make a post saying so, and then PM challenge members for a listen if you need advice/critique. I am happy to have a listen and lend advice–I am not an expert in making DnB/Jungle, but I know the genre very well from a listener/dancer/DJ perspective.

Also, if you have an idea for a theme or a specific sub-genre of DnB/Jungle you’d like to see in a challenge post here and let me know.


Closing in on finishing my track fam.


While we’ve still got loads of time left (7 April 2023 in your time zone, deadline), I wanted to get a feel for what people want to do next?

I was thinking an old (old) school Jungle challenge–samples only, break beat samples only for drums (no layering), 808 bass, Reggae/Dub influences etc. Maybe we can use the Blu Mar Ten Jungle sample pack only?

My other thought was a Tech Step challenge a la’ Wormhole LP by Ed Rush and Optical?

(We will probably venture into Breaks and Dubstep at some point as well, but let’s keep on the DnB tip for now)


count me in!


Awesome : )


Yo! I’m done. If needed i’ll upload an mp3. yo. congratulations to myself!
Insert Name


Also i can change something if you ask. Yo.


For now, however you want to post it is fine. Let us keep this first round very, very simple : ) Glad you submitted.

I have my arrangement sorted but the mix is a mess. Ill be in by the deadline though!


i did a dnb for this


Awesome! Looking forward to listening to it.


Here is my submission, hope you like


Fantastic! Thanks. Looking forward to listening. Ill be in by my own deadline. Currently a little swamped creating content for a new website (part of my $ gig so can’t be ignored).




Mine is pretty listenable. I may just post it since this is supposed to be casual. I shouldn’t let fun things give me anxiety lol

edit 29 Mar 2023: after my PCP appt and therapy I’ll get my track up. No sense mucking about on more.


Hey ya’ll, I’ve just been swamped/having my ass handed to me by my anxiety. I just need to find 30 calm minutes to have a final listen and re-adjust my “mastering” settings.


Hey ya’ll, I’ve just been swamped/having my ass handed to me by my anxiety. I just need to find 30 calm minutes to have a final listen and re-adjust my “mastering” settings.


Do you have ideas for next challenge ? @relic