Drum and Bass/Jungle Challenge #1


I wanted to refine this a bit more, but a solid start anyway.

My next idea was going to be old school Jungle. I won’t even put any production limitations on it as long as everyone captures “that sound.” Highly recommend you search out the Blue Mar Ten sample pack if you need some samples to get you there. FYI: if you were not away, that sound is a sample heavy sound. I will post some examples in the official thread.

After everyone gives a listen to all the submitted tracks here, I’ll make the official post.

And if there are any lurkers still working, please make yourself known!


relic…very dub and simple…easy to follow and danceable
gaki…sounds more like breakcore and bass tbh i like it but its bordering on not being dnb,…its still good though
stealth… sounds like you played the drum and added you recording of modular hardware synth…if you did do this props…but it needs more finetuning
me…too much in the beginning, sort of evens out near the end…needs some finetuning…still need to learn less is more…


I am working on it… Sort of?? Not sure yet to start a fresh track.
Will just slice up pieces of stuff i made from 8th march untill 7th april that could be considered dnb together.


Apparently I don’t have the ability to make non-dubby stuff lol : )


Youve got some time yet : )


Yo its almost 7 of april

@relic nice track, yo. I went to check the topic in search of your track, and you just published a track


Ill get to commenting in the next few days. Anyone that submits by the 7th Ill come back and have a listen and comment, no worries.


Cool. Ive been swamped but I am excited to listen to everyone’s subs : )


I really like the bass line here. Has that dread/dark sound to it. Also there is some little ear candy noises that sound like sneakers on a basketball court, those just caught my ear in particular. The drums with the room reverb are an interesting choice as well.



Sorry, haven’t had much time to direct this. This is not an original so much as it is a mix/arrangement of a very interesting theme song. Some of you will point it out to which I await your analysis. I apologize for the tempo being 152.7 which is still about 7.3 bpm from being on a standard DnB tempo.

I wanted to remix the song and I also wanted to hit the snare drum a lot. Like a lot. I actually wanted to put 16th snares under harsh distortion but I will not suffer you through that much crunch.


I really like the texture of the main break, has a really nice 3D sound. The “off beat” midrnage/growly stuff, I like how it pushes and pulls with the other elements. Main synth line has a nice timbre too it as well.


Oh. Those synth tones are nice and dark. Very creepy in a good way. Like horror movie flutes or something : ) Interesting use of the stereo field too–I like how the percs swim around my head (listening on headphones). Also all the little bits of ear candy throughout are a nice touch.


I really like the crisp, clear digital synth work in this. Gives it a very “machine language” feel I dig. The background pad holding things together is a nice touch. That little vocal tucked into the mix : )


I’m not sure I recognize the theme song though it sounds familiar. Halloween keeps popping into my head but I am almost certain that isn’t correct. I do dig it though. That clean, relentless break makes this really high energy. Mix is fabulous. I’ll be excited to find out what the original is, but seems like you’ve rearranged it well.


Feel free to skip mine if you are short on time, but would be great to a few comments from ya’ll on the other participants tracks.

I am going to give us a little breather here so people don’t get burnt out (or more accurately so I don’t get burnt out). But maybe early next week I’ll post the next one up.


Very nice i liked it. It has more generic music form than other tracks posted here. It would be fun to hear
sampled loops in this track. :smiley:


Thanks for free samples. I’ve searched for that and found it.


NP! Honestly I use that pack constantly lol.