Dealing with people who don't produce

Just a random question and observation based on my own experiences.

How do you deal with people’s ignorance to what you do as a hobby?

I find that pretty much anyone who I have ever talked to about my music have had negative (jokey) comments. I can always tell they think it’s easy and one of them things where “you’ve either got it or you don’t”. At this point 8 years in with radio plays and achievements I’m proud of, I feel less and less inclined to mention my hobby and honestly feel I’d get a better reaction if I told people I do paint by numbers. I know I shouldn’t let things like this get to me but, everytime somebody makes funny remarks like “it’s just pushing buttons” or “don’t you think if you’ve not made it by this point, you should give up”.
How do you guys deal with this sort of stuff if you’ve had similar experiences?

For most people the creative endeavors aren’t really taken seriously, I myself don’t even take creative endeavors seriously, for most anything related to art doesn’t have a high value because it’s too subjective and only portrays beauty/nature… for me I just do it for fun and that’s it.

I can see what you mean and I also do it for fun, sometimes it just gets really hard to hear the negativity, like can’t you just be supportive of something somebody enjoys doing! Idk :confused:

My family doesn’t really get what I do, but I still live with them and they see me working for 3 or 4 hours a day and they do get that it’s work. One thing that really helped bridge the gap was when I got a hardware synth a few months back (one of the newer prophets). Suddenly, they could see exactly how much I was doing and they were impressed that I actually knew what all the knobs did and that I could play it and make it make different sounds. So if you have hardware or at least a nice controller, maybe film that and show it to people? Seeing is 80% of a normal person’s sensory intake, so having someone listen to your song versus showing you playing or making it, the sight is going to have a lot more impact than the sound.

Some very good points, I’ll think on that and see if I can come up with something to show people. Can see how seeing the physical side of it would be more impressive to the average person hmmm :thinking: thanks for the comment mate

No joke man, i’ve been doing mixing for years and every single fucking time a band asks me to mix for them, they start naming the price. “We’ll give you $160 per song to mix.”



People without creative outlets will always think it’s some kind of competition between you and the world to ‘get gud’ or ‘get famou5’ and would likely never respect the creative process for what it is. This is especially true for people who only listen to rock & roll, in my experience, and usually say things like “I could do that!” when they hear anything remotely electronic. Try to challenge them to actually make something and watch the excuses fly out of their mouths as to why they haven’t tried it yet and never will.

Some people are overly practical and can’t have creative fun, that’s what I’ve come to believe.


Just call them out on being dismissive and ignorant.

That works sometimes although it can be difficult when speaking to people who like to talk over you and don’t let you explain :roll_eyes:

You’ve actually just explained it spot on there mate, haha ‘git gud’ is the usual vibe I get. And yes I would also agree that rockers are the biggest culprates of this, they usually will tell you how difficult it is playing a guitar but then say how easy it is to produce.
Also just as annoying, the ‘doesn’t listen to any kind of music’ people. Had one recently ask me about exactly what I do but before I could say anything, she followed it up with “do you just scratch records?” :neutral_face::expressionless::neutral_face:

that is literally the only reason why i started making electronic music, that and playng guitar was giving me back problems

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Maybe this is more of an American thing? If i were to tell anybody here they would probably be a bit quiet because they dont understand what i mean or ask questions. Usually i dont talk about it with people to be fair.

I don’t know lol I’m in England and the banter here especially at work is quite intense sometimes… I think maybe not talking about music would be a good idea, but how can you not talk about your passion?

Interesting topic… I’ve dealt with it both in terms of telling people I produce electronic music, and also that I play in a band.

The majority of people who don’t produce in my experience don’t really inquire that much other than “that’s cool, what kind of music?” and if you tell them, uhmm… ElEcTroNiC MuSiC - they generally write it off because they don’t really know what that means, or know a lot of people who know people that do it.

“yeah, I have a cousin that does that.”
“oh, you mean like Skrillex? cool!”
“Where do you DJ? When is your next show?”

Most people that ask about what production I do with my band… I’ll usually first ask “do you know what black metal is?” 99% of the time is no, so I’ll just state its niche european influenced evil “stuff”. uhmm… walks away

But to the major topic at hand… dealing with people close to me that know I produce, but do not, is always a bit of a struggle. I was lucky enough to grow up with my dad being in bands his whole life, so I always had his jam space to play around and grow up in… playing on every instrument and recording equipment he had. It was easy for my immediate small family to understand why I got interested and stuck with it at such an early age.

For others, including my wife, she’s been friends with metalheads forever… so she gets the “band” mentality… but maybe not so much the importance of home-producing for solo projects. Trying to get her to understand the importance of multiple hours a week can sometimes translate into her probably thinking I just want to be alone, or am almost using it as escapism.

Trying to get people to understand why I can easily justify spending $1000+ for artwork, printing, and other services related to music… is really hard to portray.

Sometimes I just want to grab them and be like

“ThIs Is My LIFEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE” drools fervently

But yeah. it’s hard to navigate. I get dismissed a lot by immediate people I know because I’m always chasing new projects, music experiences and other things that sometimes don’t come to fruition… so I get discredited a lot and it’s rather frustrating. I can’t force myself to make certain music, to guarantee I’ll stick with band members over years time, but I always get excited and impulsive at the prospects - so I’ve heard a lot of “weren’t you doing X a year ago, what happened to that?” or “I’m sure you’ll just change your mind again”.

I effectively deal with it by not giving a fuck what other people think, and just going for what I want. Music to me has always been my prerogative and consistent sense of fulfillment and enjoyment… It’s one of the only things I consider myself decent at, and have spent so many god damn years of researching, practicing, and perfecting that I really can’t afford the time to give two fucks what anyone else says about my endeavors.

All this being said, the majority of people who don’t produce just throw out unconditional support, and I’m often met with a “that’s crazy, I could never do that” opinion.

But people sell themselves short. Anyone can produce music if they really put their time and effort into it. I like to turn these conversations into encouragement. I’ve spent months with tons of people trying to teach them, giving them access to my instruments, plugs, sample libraries… but music production is just one of those things that is inside you, or it isnt.

From a non-producer stand point, it seems like a lot of people look at it as a respected position. Not really true… I do it because I don’t have a choice, my mind without expression through music makes me an irritable cunt. Even moreso than when non-producers have judgemental or shitty opinions of why I do it, and how I spend my time doing it.

For every day I spend diddling in the studio, there’s someone else out there draining days away on video games… or netflix… or whatever… so fuck it. Everyone has their vices.


Mate i spend all day every day at work thinking about music. My thread of thinking is so specific that to share it would be pointless because it doesnt make any sense. Having said that i keep giving my colleagues updates on my seemingly ill informed obsession with drum machines and the decisions ive made (which to buy and why etc). I usually do it in a humorous way and they like it so yeah

Had a fucken lenghty chat today about advances in studio technology with a guy who fucken loves the beatles but also steely dan etc. Nobody acts like its weird but they know i did a degree in it so maybe thats why… makes it seem more legit/serious (even though it isnt)

When i first started there some silly lass started loudly saying ooooh hes a dj to the whole room. We can book you for the staff parties etc. I kept telling her i wasnt. She soon got bored because other people were telling her to shush, ‘hes not a dj’

Mehhh i wouldnt worry about it anyway these people sound really boring. Where you living/working?


Generally speaking most people in my life don’t get it, that’s fine, they don’t have to. That being said, since I do actually DJ that kind sorta helps people get it a little more. Kind of ironic since beatmatching and blending house and techno is like 1,000x easier than actually making a good track lol.

I guess after a decade of making beats and DJing and being in and out of the scene I just don’t care anymore. I mean frankly most people who like the music and go to events don’t even really know what’s up with what we do.

I’ve seriously pursued two creative passions in my life and I’ve always let DJing and making beats be the one that was just for me in a sense. The other I let get ruined by making it my job lol (well, ruined is a strong word, but it is hard to sit down and work on your own writing after grading 60 essays by a bunch of kids who are just trying to get through Uni and on with their lives…I get it, I didn’t give a fuck about math and science in college lol).


Because my studio area, aka mancave is located in a converted garage and all the way across the house from my wife, she’ll sometimes get upset when I’m in there working on tunes all day. Ive told her it is just a time consuming thing and can be up into the hundreds of hours for any given project. I mixed a couple of albums for a friend in 2016 and 2017, they just about ran me ragged but my wife said something about it should have taken a week. Lmao woman wut?

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A lot of people in my life have been supported of my producing career. A lot of my friends know I’ve been making music since 13 and I’ve been told numerous times that my progress for the past 8 years has been large.

It’s always been motivation for me to keep going. In the Bronx people don’t really fuck with techno music, but when my friends and Instagram followers hear my techno they enjoy it. In NYC it feels like everyone is a hip hop producer or rapper, so what I been trying to bring me to my community is a breath of fresh air.


Sometimes I just want to grab them and be like
“ThIs Is My LIFEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE” drools fervently

hahah that’s my thinking mate :joy:

I do that a fair bit too like oh yeah I’ve got something big coming up, then if it doesn’t end up happening I get the same comments as you haha and I like the rest of your thinking, I can never seem to master not giving a fuck though. Maybe I should work on that :joy:

Cheesehead!! PM me some techno mate!