Dealing with people who don't produce


Haha I don’t know where you guys live (I’m in Manchester) but I get quite a lot of banter. Mostly people who haven’t heard my music coming in with classic lines of “your music’s shit mate” and “mate you won’t make it if you’ve not already made it.” :joy: I’m in the civil service :sweat_smile:

I once had a guy tell me that it’s harder to become a professional video gamer than music producer :joy::joy::joy: I laughed but it’s like wtf how can someone think such a thing.


Or just post your soundcloud/youtube here, I could also do with some techno right now haha :wink:


Im in west yorkshire about 30 miles down the road and i work in a dire office. My main colleague is a Lithuanian bloke who listens to awwwful trance doesnt reallt know what a DJ does. My job changes from Monday and im gonna be in a team with about 12 ladies of all ages so we will seeif it.comes up. I think its probably the way you talk about it with your work mates to be fair. Lets hear it then come on


No way haha I’m transferring in 2 weeks to up near your ways and it’s pretty much why I’d made the post, as I don’t know whether to mention it at my new place :sweat_smile: oooo not a lover of trance myself. Hear what? Cheese heads or mine?


Yours. Where you moving to?


I still don’t actually consider myself good, almost feel like I’ve not learnt enough in the time I’ve been producing (so it kinda cuts deeper when people take the piss) but here’s my soundcloud:

Halifax mate, where abouts are you transferring to? And put up your music, I’d like to hear


Im not moving anywhere just changing within the company. I live in shipley so about 10 miles away. Ill have a listen in a bit im about to wrestle a christmas tree into a bucket because my gf is insisting it has to go this weekend and im tryna save its life. Ive finally transitioned into a level 4 knob head who spends all my time researching new drum machines instead of actually making music. A level 4 music knob head doesnt have any music to show because they’re so far up they’re own arse its impossible to come back out with a wav in hand, no wot i mean?



I’m planning on posting my newer techno tracks soon on the site. I’ve been taking my time because I really wanna see people dance to my music this summer.


Yes I do know what you mean lol I’ve been like that in periods of the years, from focusing on sound design to messing with plug in effects and shit like that :yum: you have your tree up still! Haha mate, global warming and that got to think green nowadays! I’m sure it’s good practice and you learn a bunch about the thing your focused on


Depending on the crowd/venue I’d play this song out for sure. I’m just listening on a blue tooth speaker right now, but seems pretty solid overall.


Not exactly the kind of music I spin, but defo digging it man. I would totally get down to this at a party.

I’m playing three nights at a week long festival again this summer, we probably get 100-300 people a night at our stage. I’m always looking for white labels to play, I usually don’t play straight up techno like this, but if you have anything a little on the lighter side I’d love to have a listen and see if I can work it into a set. I also end up just spinning a lot in the afternoon since I’m not really into a lot of the hippie woo woo shit that goes on during the day lol.


“hippie woo woo shit”

Brilliant :joy::rofl::joy:


And thank you very much my friend, compliments go a long way for me :blush:


Same goes for you , feel free to send any finished tracks my way for consideration. I don’t play out a lot, but I do a handful of times a year.


Thank you man, can I send private links on here or??


Yea, feel free to just PM me here.


Followed for sure, big ups. That’s great production quality mate. Very nice.


It is? I don’t even know at this point, kind of in a void right now where I’m unsure what skill level I’m at haha thank you so much mate, I will be following back


I think that type of music is to a large extent about acheiving a high level of technical execution. Layering things up, EQing everything to bastard fuck etc. So yeah i guess it is very much a study and practice thing and it may be more straightforward to track your progress as opposed to certain types of music where ideas or concepts take more of a central role. (Was my last album better or worse? Maybe it was just dIfFeReNt mAn)

Anyway my advice is dont worry about what level youre at… try and grab as much joy from the process as you possibly can!

(Im king of giving advice nobody needs)


definitely the only advice that matters