Daft Punk breaking up


EDM now more than ever needs a face to represent it to the world. Even though DP were never, I would say, a particularly good face that could explain what the hell was going on, they were pretty much it. Now all the top dogs left to choose from, in some way or another, are a walking example of what parents and regulators hate about the scene (drugs, attitude, complete disconnnection from reality, all about the money, etc). DP at least avoided those pitfalls.

It’s funny, I sat down to work on music last night and couldn’t come up with anything. I just wasn’t feeling inspired. And now today the group that made my ears perk up and listen to electronic music, ultimately got me here, they’re just gone. Just weird.


I was never a fan (of them or EDM) but that sucks.


If you are talking the mega festival scene then yea…there is a lot of money and drug driven stupidity going on (maybe, I can’t even think of someone recently being a huge mess drug wise and as far as the money grab that’s just par for the course at that level or it seems so from down here)…but in house and techno all the “top dogs” are older, sober (or never did drugs much in the first place) and have built strong legacies.

Maybe the two of them breaking up will be the start of a new path for both of them artistically.


I thought the same thing, just look at the Beatles when they went their separate ways.


They were releasing stuff so sporadically anyway. It’s possible they’d be more active separately now that they’re not under the pressure of being DP. Or if not, its not gonna be much different than the last 7 years of inactivity


Yeah, I probably overreacted a bit in my op. Still, changes things a bit for me. Life will go on to be sure.


Finally Thomas can get back to making stardust records. Maybe he will sample Michael Bolton or Go West for his second release.


There will always be music.
And now for something nu.


I think I know one song from Daft Punk - “Around the world”, since it was impossible to avoid. Couldn’t name a second one… never was my thing and I thought they had stopped a long time ago already. But I certainly know how the weight of time can affect you when a band you loved calls it quits, so I sympathize. Enjoy the memories and look forward to what they create on their own or with other artists now :slight_smile:



not even ‘get lucky’?


@7asid I was going to say that one. It’s the one song I can’t stand off their last album anymore because every place I’ve ever worked, every time I flip through radio stations in the car, I still catch that one all the time.

One More Time also had it’s day in the sun.


between ‘happy’ and his two singles wtih DP, pharrell’s had a weird run of songs getting so much radioplay, everyone’s probably burnt out on them


Nu nu disco.


I can’t believe there are actually people on social media mocking Daft Punk as untalented or unimportant. I mean I shouldn’t be surprised but I have to keep being surprised or risk losing faith in humanity.


Perhaps those old, obsolete robots were beaten by a shiny new AI. Posers.


Nope, no idea.


The “one more time we gotta celebrate” one? Didn’t know that was them. So that makes it two then.

It’s actually fairly easy for me to avoid any mainstream music: I don’t listen to the radio, don’t use Spotify, don’t watch TV (except Netflix & co), work remote, and even when (pre-pandemic) I would go out, that wouldn’t be to places where they would play this type of music (I tend to go to Bar Sinister/Boardners or Das Bunker), so my only potential exposure would be in random bars where I wouldn’t pay attention anyway because I’m busy making bad decisions about the drinks I’m getting… :smile:


im almost a little jealous


Well back in the UK, late 90’s, I had a time working in warehouses (Amazon before Amazon). They would blast 2 radio stations constantly: Kiss FM (which, as a side note: is there a fucking Kiss FM in every city on the planet?? it certainly seems that way) and Capital FM. I suffered the same 10-15 terrible songs on rotation for hours/days/months and that was extremely painful. Worst part was when, one day, you’d finally find yourself humming the songs you absolutely hated. Total brainwashing. Some of these songs would still make my blood boil if I heard them today.