Daft Punk breaking up


i can tottally relate, i worked in value village for a few months and they had one playlist of current pop music that just repeated over and over and it was very much traumatic. i like alot of pop music but generally listening to the radio is an unpleasant experience for me


It can be brutal.

In 1994, I really disliked The Cranberries to start with (That was “Zombie” time). I would hear that fucking song EVERYWHERE. And then I worked in a restaurant and for over 6 months the album was on rotation with one or two others - we would hear the full fucking album 5-6 times a day every day. One day I lost my shit, took the CD and scratched it violently against the wall when nobody was around. The poor chick to whom it belonged was horrified (“who would do that?”). Oopsies, I did feel bad but that fucking CD had it coming. Fucking Cranberries.


haha, I feel ya too. Most of my early retail jobs had like paid piped in music (legally you can’t just turn on the radio in a retail store in the US) and each station only played like 30-40 songs in a rotation and they only worked in like 6 new ones a month

I swear I almost hung my self with a string of sausages the month when Tears of the Clown came on rotation.

OT: One More Time had an animated short attached to it, that was my first exposure to Daft Punk as a kid.


i remember the zombie video always made me sad and kinda scared as a child. i was actually just the other day thinking about how i only know a couple of cranberries songs and wondered what a full album is like


Actually, there’s a whole movie that goes with the album Discovery animated in that style. One of my friends synced it up for me when I was first getting into DP and gave me the video file with the album audio. I lost that a long time ago, but it is 100% a fantastic experience. Gave me a much deeper appreciation for some of the songs I would normally just skip.

I think the movie was called something like “Inter5tella 555 and the 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem”. I’m sure if you look up Interstella 555 something will come up. Just typing that out that way hurt my brain. IIRC DP were fans of anime, so they worked with one of their favorite directors to make that movie happen or have an edit of it done or something along those lines.