[cyber-breakcore] city at worlds end - cipher to cyberia

I’ll kick off this subforum with my first debut. Oldie but goodie. I hated this thing for a long time, but many years after it’s release I’m actually really proud of some of the tracks on this. Spent the better part of 6 years making it.


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I’ll kick off this subforum with my first debut. Oldie but goodie. I hated this thing for a long time, but many years after it’s release I’m actually really proud of some of the tracks on this. Spent the better part of 6 years making it. [/quote]

Listening to vapor cloudbase escape right now… excellent.

You inspired me to post something here… stay tuned!

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Proud to be the 2nd post of music in this thread… even though city at words end is a tough act to follow.

I hope this works

and if it does… I hope someone enjoys this…

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Hey! It worked!

And just so you don’t get the wrong impression… Here is something completely different.

Please be gentle with me…

Man, this is awesome! always dug on your stuff as usual.

Also, this is a whole new sub forum for final member pieces, so you should post some stuff on your own thread and I’ll leave some more constructive feedback! <3

Thanks for the kind words… I realized after I posted that I shoulda/coulda started my own thread. Still getting used to the new frontier.

In fact… I’m gonna start a new thread right now and see if I can make that work…

Stay Tuned!

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Did Vicetto do your artwork? Pretty sure I saw that back in the day. That guy was so fucking ahead of his time.

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Mr Vice did indeed do the artwork, for free also. Killer dude… Haven’t been able to reach him much over the past couple years. I know he moved from Spain to Berlin… then I have no idea where. Crazy amount of talent in that man, wish I could get him to commission some art for me.

This gives me hope, thanks!

Wasn’t for nothing, as this is a pretty killer album.


@nose I absolutely love the atmospheric city vibes in this! I’ve loved almost every song, and I’m currently especially liking ishimura (zero-G extension). This is the type of music I’m trying to research and create right here! Inspiring stuff, I appreciate it!

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thanks man! Ishimura is… what I consider my mastertrack. I spent like 6 months on that thing, a total fangirl tribute to the game Deadspace, named after the ship in it.

Really wish I could go back to those days and create more breakcore like that… I kind of hate that I out-did myself on that a little bit…it’s one I chase often.

Pretty cool to hear that inspired you though, I feel really privileged to hear that man. <3


time is merely a construct my friend :slight_smile:

The important thing is you finally get it out there, whenever you do. And when you do, let me know and I’ll be the first to throw down your release and give it an earnest ear!


Well I don’t know if you should chase those older days but somehow if you could tap into that kind of creative flow again you could make some great music. I haven’t had a chance to check out your newer album yet but definitely tomorrow. I’d like to hear more!

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Just keep on rockin. I bet even the best musicians listen to their older stuff and think it’s amazing and crazy ambitious, but it was probably just them not knowing what the fuck they were doing.

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Honestly probably some of the best advice I’ve ever heard. Too true. Thanks, V.


So I’ve been listening to both your albums on loop the past few days. I’m curious if you know of any other music like yours. City vibes, unique percussion, ethereal, atmospheric stuff that reminds you of of this digital age, cyberpunk kinda shit. I lovvve your music because of that

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Thanks bro! Honestly, I don’t know many other artists that are similar. My tunes are a culmination of my influences, and I suppose i started making music like this because I couldn’t find it anywhere. It’s actually been kind of troubling, because I’ve never found a label that I’d fit in with entirely, for style/substance purposes.

Have you heard of Ital Tek? Quite a few of his albums had a tremendous influence on my stuff. Check out his album “Nebula Dance”.

Listening to Ishimura… love the way the rhythm never stops but it takes these litttle breaks at regular intervals. It’s a different use of “call and response” very effective at keeping that rhythm fresh.

I’m also tuning in a bit to the words… story telling adds a nice touch… gives the piece an arc.



Thanks! that’s among my favorite tracks I’ve ever made. It’s an homage to the game Deadspace. Ishimura is the ship from it, the samples are also taken from in game voice narrative. :slight_smile:

I actually have an unfinished sequel track to that sitting around in my project files… should get back to that some day :slight_smile:

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Listening to that album now. Pixel Dance is reminding me of some Om Unit and more liquid dnb like Reso makes. Definitely in the realm of what I’m wanting more of! I definitely feel you 100% though, the kind of half-time Breakcore/breaks/neuro shit I want to make doesn’t exist lol. I’m doing what you’re describing, making an amalgamation of my favorite styles that are my favorite. Gore Tech meets Audeka meets Woulg meets Igorrr or DJ Hidden lol.

But once I heard your two albums I thought holy damn I need more cyber breaks haha

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