Concerts you’ve been or going to?

Question in title, let’s see the hands.

I myself am going to see phantogram and hail the sun this month and deadmau5 here in a month. First time seeing all of them but I have seen strawberry girls before and they are opening for hail the sun. Stoked for d5 since he’s been hyping the new cube 3 setup past couple months, and he’s playing the set on his own, not a festival like goldrush

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Im going to see HEART at the Hollywood bowl on Monday. Joan Jett opens.
feeling real good about it.

That sounds really cool, I can’t touch the prices for more mainstream \ established bands or acts though, I saw a Phil Collins ticket for front row here in Phx for over 3,000 dollars. I was shocked and the alternative is the far far seats for like 200 and it’s a bummer for me,

On that note, I just snapped up Melanie Martinez tickets, I waited until her new album released, and I was not disappointed, I’m sure she will sell out here

I think I’ll be going to see Shelter in November …

Southern Culture on the Skids in mid October at one of my fav local venues.

I’ve seen Kim Myhr’s you|me band at a festival at the end of August, it was absolutely perfect. Ingar Zach playing the bass drum was amazing. Check out Kim Myhr if you haven’t listened to him yet; really one of my favs

Idk if you guys have done this but usually you can find the set list for a particular artist of their last Venue. so I’ve actually made a little hype playlist of all the tracks from the artists I’m planning to see out of those setlists. Has me feeling clever aha,

So yeah update here, phantogram was crazy, it was sold out, I got front, and they got hella real talking to the crowd at the show for a moment. What was really cool was they played a new track off their upcoming album. they had really neat visuals, they would do this weird live recording for the background that was hella filters. After concert I got to hang around at the bar that’s next door that’s all pinball machines everywhere and hella murals of all these rock artists everywhere.

For the hail the sun concert it was much smaller at a small venue but it was rock solid. I really liked it because the bands would just hang with the crowds, being normal people. I felt bad since I felt shy but I finally hit up the singer for hail the sun while he was trying to eat before his set just to tell him wow man blah blah blah you’re hella workin making music with all these bands, dude was the homie and got a picture. I liked this concert a lot just because the vibe just felt more personal. Only thing that sucked was I did get mad hammered and had to take a break for like 30 minutes from being light headed.

Has anyone went to a concert here recently? What was the vibes like? Can you notice a difference between the bigger ones to the small venues?

On a final note, I hella committed and got tickets for a Senses Fail concert coming up, super excited, these dudes have been making music forever, and it’s not the hardest, but I think they were one of the first bands I listened to in the vein when I was a teenager.

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If I’m going to see a live band I almost always prefer smaller venues. I do like lawn seats at an amphitheater for a show once in a while. For a DJ I do like being in big space with a ton of people so you can have that huge warehouse sound.

Not a concert, but went to a special premiere screening of Rob Zombie’s 3 form Hell (part of his trilogy).

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kim myhr has been on my radar for some years, and I happen to hear his new band at a festival this summer. It was a perfect live music experience, obviously inspired by australian drone jazz trio The Necks


Morrissey, last night, the guy was epic as usual. Total ham in a really great way. One of the best entertainers we have with a voice to back it up.

Interpol opened and definitely lost the night we’re it a contest. Great show all around though.

Long live Moz.


I got to see deadmau5 that was super cool, like his set and his general demeanor just makes him seem pretty alright. Now the people that went, the venue, and the security? Jeez guys it was so bad. The venue was really big but it was just not my thing with how big it was. The prices were just as big, I started drinking but stopped because spending that much to be drunk was not worth it. The people that went weren’t really what I’d consider my crowd, it was funny to people dress for raves irl. The security was the worst, I had to throw my lighter away, couldn’t take cigarettes in, no rentry, no smoking area, and couldn’t take much of anything in; people were being sent back left and right. I think it’s just a bigger name so that’s how it is? Idk, felt like a big bummer for the circumstance, I’d much rather see a smaller show, but the experience to see him live at least Once was worth it,

Also might snag Rome hero foxes tickets here but unsure,

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Enduser at a small dive bar loud as fuck, in williamsburg basically just like a mosh pit of 5 people totally worth it… totally missed out on xanopticon…because was working nights and got there too late fml…oh well no crying over spilled milk…

Massive attack the venue sucked way too loud and distorted…oh well blah

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Stoneburner is in Knoxville on 11/20.

It doesn’t matter if a total no name were somehow playing a venue like that (sounds like an arena type venue?), the security is the same. Those places are deadly afraid of mass shooters at this point.

I almost bought tickets for Snoop Dogg at the House of Blues in CLE, but it would be 20-30 dollars to park, and no joke like 15-20 dollars a drink. So one drink in and parking and I’ve almost doubled my ticket price. When I went to see Die Antword at Nautica Pavilion they wanted $20 for a 24oz bud lite or bud lime in a can. I was like naw man, I’ll just be sober thanks…

I don’t have to drink or otherwise be intoxicated to enjoy a show, but I go out so rarely now I’d like to make an event of it, but it isn’t affordable anymore when you are talking big acts/big venues.

A buddy of mine and I like to go see couple mid level bands like Southern Culture on the Skids because they always play fun dive venues with cheap drinks and heart destroying bar food.

I had the opportunity to be gifted a VIP pass, Thus I am beyond EXCITED to see Pigface in Chicago this weekend…Holy shit yes!

thinking about going to see Lords of Acid with Praga Khan in Pittsburgh

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You will not be sorry you did.

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It’s been a while for me, since moving back to ruralville 10 or so years ago. I’ve probably gone to less than 10 shows in that span of time because the only venues near me that are worth a shit are the overpriced variety, and I never feel like making a giant road trip completely alone to see some band that nobody else gives a shit about. I guess I’ve gone to a shitload of festivals and things of that variety while seeing tons of good bands, but nothing specific and intimate in a while.

Living in (or very close to) a city and paying $5-$10 to see crappy noise rock / fake metal bands is what I miss the most. Sometimes just catching a glimpse of a weird ass indie band with a cult following before they vanish into thin air is awesome, because you know it will most likely never happen again.

There was no point to this post, I just felt like contributing.


Black Flag is playing in Knoxville Jamuary 19th. VIP seats are $60 and general admission is $25.00. Just something to ponder on, If you get a wild hair and are able to cover your travel expense, You’re lodging accommodation in the scruffy city is covered. (Black Flag with Mike Valley on vocals)

Going to Chicago to see Pigface over the shanksgobbler weekend was one of the best decisions I’ve made because it reminded me how kick ass reintroducing myself to the wild animal environment that is a live show was as therapeutic to my feels nice as the noise level was damaging to my hearing.