Concerts you’ve been or going to?


Thinking about maybe seeing Reid Speed in Pittsburgh for NYE since we aren’t having our annual barn burner.


Also Chi Town is just awesome.


And be damned if I tried acid for the first time walking the bridgeway of Navy Pier at 6 am. I would like to say to anyone planning to visit Chicago in the winter months, The crosswinds are actually crafted by Hatori Hanzo…Who knew?!


I’ve been to quite quite a few shows in my day… My first was Fear Factory with Static X and others opening.

I’ve seen Opeth a couple times, the White Stripes in kind of a dive, Sigur Ros a couple times, Nine Inch Nails with Bauhaus, Depeche Mode, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, My Bloody Valentine, St. Vincent, Kool Keith, A Place To Bury Strangers a few times, Gorguts, and Ministry to name a few. I’ve also been to a few proper classical concerts, Stravinsky, Chopin, that sort of stuff, but not so much recently.

My favorite IDM-related show was of course Autechre in 2008… That was a hell of an experience…

Most recently I saw Dimmu Borgir and The Mighty Mighty Bosstones (separate shows…).

Don’t have any shows planned recently since I moved to the suburbs and a ways from New York, but I always keep my eyes peeled for good ones. I’d love to be able to catch ADULT. or Opeth again, or Richard Devine or something like that.


Oh man Bosstones opening for dimmu would be hilarious!
I just got tickets to see intronaut and cult of Luna as well as opeth.
Pretty pumped to finally see intronaut! Super pumped for the new album. Don’t really care much about cult of luna, might have my mind changed but intronaut is opening for them, so whatever.


I feel like they (the Bosstones) would have thematically appropriate matching suits, which would be pretty amazing to see… and I’d pay good money to see Shagrath skank, so clearly it needs to happen.

Intronaut should be fun to see, I’m not really into them but really liked the live show they did with Cloudkicker. Opeth is great though, one of my favorite bands to see live, and Mike is hilarious. Pretty sure this was taken just before the first time I saw them, around 2003. The place was such a dump but I saw so many good shows there.


Will be going to see The Interrupters on Saturday


Probably going to see the Get Up Kids because an old friend invited me.


Saw Heilung in L.A. this January and that was something else entirely. Absolutely incredible. It’s very, very rare when a gig brings me to that level of “Holy f**k what just happened!??” (and I’ve been to hundreds of gigs; the older I get, the less I get impressed with stuff).

The craziest part is that EVERYBODY seemed to be in that state after their ritual, having no idea what hit us, even while knowing their music pretty well in my case.

Go see them if you get the chance - you’ll be part of something otherworldly.


Two weeks ago I went a concert here in London at the Barbican, by a German guy called Robert Henke (AKA Monolake). He had 5 Commodore 64 pc´s from the 80´s linked up to one another and did this insane, monochrome audio visual set.


Oh dude, nice. Monolake has some cool releases.


I really like his music although I´m not really into techno much. The show was amazing, being restricted to the lo-fi equipment made it more interesting than seeing a fully geared out techno artist perform. It started with him programming a beat live, Tracker style and then went into full blown audio visual chaos.


I am going to Billy Joel for the first time this March 6th
Tame Impala March 29th
And Foals, Chet Faker, Kings of Leon, Wild Nothing and X-Ambassadors on 16th/17th May

Completely broke but happy


Got tickets for Booze & Glory in April but I’ll also try to go and see Napalm Death and Eyehategod end of Feb…


Just got tickets for Neubauten’s Year of the Rat in L.A. They added a date, which is now the first one of the US tour, so that’s cool. Saw them first time around for Ende Neu back in London and another time a couple years later, also in London. Prob their last tour (at least in the US) so that should be fun.


While on the subject, fun anecdote: I was very close to see them the first time in 1989 for Haus Der Luege in Paris (France). I used to live in Lyon and a small excellent industrial music store organized a bus to go there. Two friends of mine went. I was jealous but I couldn’t really afford it. Comes Monday, I see one of my friends and ask him how it was. His face turns red and he goes “haha, very funny!”. He was a big, big fan, so obviously something must have gone wrong. He thought I knew.

Turns out they made it to Paris, the bus ride was party central with Neubauten songs most of the way. Neubauten did the soundcheck, people get in and everybody is super-hyped by then, as you can imagine, when someone (can’t remember who) comes on stage and tells the audience that Neubauten will not be playing because they were prohibited by law going over a certain amount of decibels. So that was it. I can only imagine my friends and the full bus driving back to Lyon after that. Brutal.