Community Remixes

I am hosting a Google Drive Folder with stems from the community and beyond. Please feel free to have a look and play. Any remixes you make you can post here via SoundCloud link and will be considered for netlabel release.


@1roomstudio has kindly shared the stems for his track “Bluetooth” that everyone heard in the listening booth. We’ve earmarked August for a remix release if we have enough participation. You have plenty of time so give it a go!

Midnite Suns EP is by a local Aussie dub band called Subtribe. You can check 'em out in the link provided within the drive folder.


Bluetooth is a great song. I hope i can find time to get in on that action. I think this will be a fun thread. :slight_smile:


Just had a poke in the folder. I’ll see if I can pull something down on my music PC later. Mastering a 32-track project right now, so that is eating all my music time for the next couple of weeks.

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I Agree, even in its original form, I think it lends itself very well to be…well…”IDMed”

Thank you @makeuswhole for your support and encouragement.

And thank you @manton for suggesting Bluetooth for this Community Project :pray::pray::pray::+1::v::sunglasses::sparkles:

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I took a look in the folder as well. Lot’s of content in there! I’ll have to give something a try… been telling myself I need to collaborate more and here an opportunity is handed to me wrapped in a nice neat package. Thank you again @Manton for all of your hard work :pray:

By the way, Bluetooth is 120 BPM. It was pointed out to me (by @MFXxx) that I neglected to provide that important piece of info. :sunglasses:

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Thanks for the stems and the kind words :slight_smile: Have fun with it!

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I downloaded Permutations… BPM?

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There is some info in the original remix thread :slight_smile:


got it! Thanks:pray:

I may have a play.

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Added the free IDMf sample pack.

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I’ve got a DRAFT remix of Permutations for review. Where is the best thread to post it? LB? Here? The Permutations Remix thread? :man_shrugging:


Hey @1roomstudio, thats great! Post it here via sound cloud link :slight_smile:

OK @MFXxx @makeuswhole @ReWIR3D

Here is a DRAFT of my remix of @Agent_Winds
My first ever remix…

The composition is basically done… the ending is a little weak… got some ideas for that.
Straight out of the box with no automation, no FX, same levels as the stems came to me.

Open to all thoughts…

Oh! See… this works better :sunglasses:


That link doesn’t work. Also i changed the tag for slime to his most recent account

Mark, this is a good remix. It’s another special take on the original, offering a completely new vibe. Wish you had done it before we released the EP!

A few things I would suggest polishing but overall, love the idea. These are just my thoughts of course and you can do what you feel is right!

  1. Some of the time stretching is too noticeable to be effective. (e.g. 2:55)
  2. The beat stop/start, tempo slow downs etc are a great idea, but I would like to hear it executed more definitively, purposefully.
  3. I love the use of the bass sounds at 1:35 and you should lean into this more across the whole track.
  4. Try not to use two samples that are dissonant harmonies unless you can clearly indicate this is intentional. I think this case, it’s almost there, but needs some polishing.
  5. I really like the start samples and how it sounds like it’s exhaling, but then the clap comes in and it takes away from the ambience. I would use a time reversed reverb on the clap here to design an “inhale” effect to complement the exhale.
  6. I’d like to hear some clicky IDM percussion in some of the space where there’s no drums.

Great work!

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Thanks for the encouragement :pray:

All valid suggestions, most of which I agree.

Yep, that is partly what I meant by “the ending is a little weak.” Most of those stretches work for me.

Agreed this needs to be more convincing. As far as “purposefully” This reminds me of an artist that once said (paraphrasing) “If splatters and drips happen accidently on my canvas, and I leave them, I left them on purpose!” Semantics… but I get what you mean.

Had that in mind, but I do want the end to be sparse like the beginning. I’ve got some thoughts on how to make that Bass more of a feature.

Agreed… I thought I had cleared most of those up… I’ll take a closer listen.

Respectfully disagree on this one. I think the Clap adds a clear contrast to the opening “exhale” and sets up the coming cascade of events. I do need to give that track some more “pizazz” though. I’ll give your thought a try… it is interesting.

Hmmm :thinking: yeah… I thought so too… but it got messy and it was messy enough (per #4) maybe adding “pizazz” to the Clap will help? :man_shrugging: There is a “Glitch” sample I haven’t used that is very very “clicky.” I will keep this in mind.

Really learning a lot here… not sure why I waited so long to try this sort of collaboration. This forum keeps on giving opportunities for growth :pray::pray::pray::sunglasses:

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Yeah, Don’t feel you need to be locked into using only samples of the original tune. Explore other things too! Hell add some guitar if you can make it work!

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