Chqllange 5 COMPLEXTRO deadline september 1st


Yeah, but you totally win. My track is complextro to the extent that I put a few chiptune sounds in as breaks because I heard that a lot in the playlist I checked, I bumped up the speed from FL default speed a bit, and I made a big bass.

Yours does a lot more to make the genre your own with much more thoughtful and extensive sound design, which is a big goal in all these -step genres.

I’m still happy with what I made in 3 hours frantically over the weekend.


I decided to stop being a pussy for a change and go for it. This is so ridiculously half-baked but so worth it


I came back for sloppy seconds. This time it actually has some complextro elements in it, lol.

I spent way too much time on this



solid songs. the composition is there…all you guys need is more complex glitchy wubs.
work on the bass a bit more…or maybe just automate gross beat vst effect applied to the bass and some sidechain and your good…youll have bangers.

also bandpass filters are better than lowpass filters for complextro. imo