Chqllange 5 COMPLEXTRO deadline september 1st


Basically just make a complextro track…

Deadline is september 1st good luck.



I studied complextro…i can do the bass easy but having good complementary leads is the trick.

I think im stepping up my lead game and mixing skills though so well see.


Heck yeah. I have a very clogged ear going on right now so hopefully I can get that sorted and start on this.

As usual, free sample time:

And a few tools if you need to make some groovy complextro cover art:


pro tip to get the bass mixed good use unison pitch with sligth detune and panning :slight_smile:


Pardon my ignorance, but what is complextro? Can someone link some examples?


Its edm with glitchy dubstep bass wubs


Mostly it’s just a microgenre from electrohouse that incorporates a lot of vocal and / or bass cuts, interwoven, sometimes-abrupt melodies, and occasional glitch elements and noise blasts. Basically, your DAW turns into a weird game of cutting clips you’ve made, using lots of quick automation and modulation, and filling in the gaps in interesting ways.


Wow, this is seriously awesome. I’m not sure how you made that so fast, but this is a good one


Thank you, i learned a lot via trial and error…guess im at a point where i can just churn them out…

I just automated gross beat…

And cloned the bass patch…with each patch having slightly different effects and settings for the modulations.

It took me about 4 hours to make and mix this fyi…lol…glad you think its decent


Yo! Very nice track! You got it!


Anyone else doing a complextro track…i better not be the only one…lol.


I’ll see if I can do something. I’ve been working on more music than I have in months, but none of it has been bass heavy or is ready to be turned into complextro.


Looking forward to it.


A week and half to go…


I started mine tonight. It’s going way better than I expected. My original goal was to just get a drop done, but I was having so much fun I laid out the structure of a full song with two drops and basic builds. I have my main sounds and some chiptune earcandy in already. Still needs FX and mixing, but I’m going to keep that pretty basic. Going to see if I can get a lead sound in and some actual risers maybe over the weekend, give myself half an hour to mix it all, and then just call it done.


Did the lead line and finished hopefully all EQ tonight. All that’s left on my to-do list is risers/downfalls, possibly distortion on something (though I think it sounds good already) and filters with automation for the drum sounds. I’m tired cuz of non-music stuff today, but I think there’s maybe another 45 minutes of work here and then a quick and dirty master.


I tried a few times for this one but I don’t think I have any music left in me. I really wanted to make a track for the first time in over a year but it’s just not happening because my brain is in a completely different gear at this point in my life. Probably time to give up the dream and just supply fun samples for the next challenge if I can :).

Sorry about voting for this one and also not posting anything, but I really liked your track @bfk!


I lolled when soundcloud offered to master this for me as if it wasn’t already at -9 LUFS when I finished the mix.


@White_Noise Awesome track
@bfk you are definetely winning this compo :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


No one is gonna win…

These challenges dont have winners…

Its just making music outside your comfort zone…and trying new things for funsies and to increase skill level.