CHLLNG #3: Dub Techno


Alright, here’s my submission. I was trying to keep with the vibe of the genre; very minimal dub techno: in the style of Basic Channel, DeepChord, and Echospace. It’s a mix of software, hardware, and me playing bass.





Dubbin bro


Hey yall. Ill have a listen when I can. I’m not going to drama dump here but I will probably be stepping away from the forum. Nothing super serious, life is just going a different direction and I am just not checking the forum.


Best wishes


That sucks, are these monthly challenges going to continue?


You all are welcome to continue, no special permission is needed. I don’t want to make a promise I am not going to keep though. I’m really just not checking or thinking of the forum these days. All someone would need to do is make the post with the instructions.


I hear ya, well good luck in the future! Hope to see you back from time to time


Yoyoyo. I listened some dub techno tracks from 1990-1996 from the list. Pretty cool feedback delays there. :blush:


oof, i misremembered that the deadline was 26th instead of 23rd. i guess i’ll still throw it in. couldve tinkered with it more, and my cpu was giving me troubles but it was fun. also it was fun listening to a ton of dub techno to get in the vibe. cheers!